10 Short & Sweet Baby Names for Girls

Want to say hello to your pretty little princess? Maybe we should say hello first! There is much more to come when you become a parent. Do you know what you’re getting into? A list of priorities and responsibilities!

When you become a parent, you are faced with enormous responsibilities. And choosing the cutest names will be one of them! Naming your baby girl is one of the most tedious tasks when family members make serious name suggestions.

You may have a few short girl names in mind, but the huge list may confuse you!

10 Short and sweet names for girls

A girl’s name for your baby should be meaningful because it will stay with her for the rest of her life. It has to have the right meaning that catches people’s attention. To help you, you can count on CocoFinder, for a top-notch list of cute baby names.

Here are some options:

Looking for cute but short girl names for your belly? Our list has a name, Jolie. It’s a name that’s close to many parents’ hearts, which is why it’s our first choice. Beautiful means wonderful.

You may have heard of this name, Jolie, but your child’s Montessori friends may not know it! Both trendy and avant-garde, this French short name is funny or beautiful! Your little girl will definitely love this name when she grows up because it shows off her fun personality.

One of the most powerful short girl names ever!

Sia means triumph. He became very popular thanks to the famous Australian singer Sia Furler. The title is super short but still very cute.

We must not forget that it has great significance and is the name of the goddess (and queen). According to Hindu mythology, Siya is the wife of the god Rama, who is the reincarnation of the goddess Laxmi. What could be better than that?

Spanish parents are often faced with the dilemma of which Russian form to choose: Anna or Anya. Both names are short and cute to call your little girl and she will definitely love them! The name is attractive and easy to pronounce, but it has everything.

Anya is one of the short girl names chosen for her strong and sharp personality. Give your little girl a beautiful name and see how much she will love it in the future!

If you come from a traditional but somewhat conservative background, a short name like Claire for your daughter will emphasize your uniqueness. This very trendy and linear nickname in French, English and Italian is experiencing a great revival.

The name has distinct meanings, such as. B. clear and plain, which fits well with your usual terms. We understand that such a short name reflects your little girl’s personality, and is very cute at the same time!

It is the dream of every parent to teach their children to live in peace and walk the path of peace. So you could name your baby after the dove, the symbol of peace.

Plus, it will make a nice girl’s name for your ruminant. It has a great similarity with the word love and therefore sounds very serene and reassuring. You may call him Dovey, a nice nickname.

The name Elsa from Disney Frozen should seem very familiar to you. It’s one of those pretty girl names that come from the long name Elizabeth. I don’t know if you are aware of this fact or not!

Elsa means a wish from God. Since your little one is sweet, handsome and full of zest for life, this name would suit him perfectly! When she notices that her name resembles Elsa’s from Disney Frozen, she’ll be overjoyed and thank you later!

The name Eva is popular with her parents because it comes from a Spanish variant of Eva, meaning life. Eva not only has a slight difference in letters from her counterpart Ava, but has also gained some notoriety.

The name sounds so noble when you call your child and he quickly answers! It should be on the list of short girl names , and all credits go to the famous American actress Eva Longoria.

Such a Japanese name, Kai, would be a better choice for parents of girls. This soft and delicate travel name has a deep meaning rooted in the Japanese, Welsh and Hawaiian languages.

In Japanese, Kai means of the sea and in Hawaiian, ocean. In Wales, however, it means Key Saver. Imagine a beautiful, yet appealing name, Kai for your little one!

What do you think of the Spanish name Kira? You may be wondering how a Russian name can sound so subtle! The meaning of this short girls name is clairvoyant.

You need to make sure that your little one is extremely forward thinking so that he or she does not encounter any obstacles in life. This name has revolutionary potential and would be an important choice for your child to reflect his character.

Such a beautiful name, Lace is an irresistible and feminine twist on the excellent English name Lacy. The name derives from the family name of a French nobleman who used it at the time of the Norman victory over the British Isles.

Therefore, this name, with its rich historical background, will demonstrate your child’s potential and love for mythology. After all, such a beautiful, yet short and feminine name for your daughter could be admired by all!

Concluding remarks

So, what do you like best about this collection of short girl names? You should choose your little one’s name from the list above. Check out all these names and choose if our unique baby names suit you.

From the shortest to the cutest, the most classic to the boldest, we’ve listed all the top names! It is best to rely on CocoFinder to give your newborn the most beautiful name.

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