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Birds are chirping, the fresh, damp smell of growing grass, and warmth is beginning to return to the air.

That’s right, spring is here!

Whether you like warm or cold weather, this is the perfect time of year to compromise with its mild temperatures.

However, you don’t have to compromise when it comes to the design of your islands. And with these adorable spring ideas for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you’ll have lots of new buildings to try out.

You can be a princess for all that!

15. Microcafé outside

Image source by @myra.isle

When the weather is nice, all I want to do is sit outside, breathe in the smell of melting snow and sip a good coffee.

This charming little cafe could easily offer me (er, my AC character) a freshly brewed coffee.

This is a great idea for beginners who may not have access to much DIY or stuff yet.

The stand can be purchased at Nook Stop, and other items such as iron chairs, tables, desserts and coffee cups can be substituted for almost any other option.

You can use wooden chairs, tables and cleats if you have them available!

With this idea, the world is your oyster. Or rather, a coffee.

14. Sweet picnic

Image source by @myra.isle

What could be better than enjoying the warm weather with a relaxing picnic?

Grab your favorite sandwiches, snacks and drinks and bring them to a place like this.

I would say this is another great idea to start with, very simple yet practical for any island.

All you need is a rug and flowers of your choice. Sahara will be delighted with the arrangement and your residents will love frolicking in it.

Who knows, maybe some of them will even water your flowers for you! Take these hybrids.

13. Small spring greenhouse

Small Spring Greenhouse Image source by @dizzys_designs

Spring is the best time to get plants.

So why not add a little realism with the new ACNH levels?

With a few market stalls and some creative spots, you can give your island a custom sunroom. Just in time for spring.

It’s a great place to grow small plants, such as bonsai, mini terrariums or even flowers, if you like.

In short, if you have a small spot on the island of which you don’t know what to do with, consider such a greenhouse. It doesn’t take up much space, and you don’t need rare items or expensive crafts.

12. Creators garden

Image source by @milkcrossing

I love this little garden with a donkey and a typewriter.

As someone who does a lot of art and writing, I would love to take a job in such an environment.

And I’m sure you villagers do too!

If you have an old-fashioned, Victorian or just plain antique island, this is a great idea for outdoors.

There’s a big stack of books if you just want to relax, or some comfy pillows to make room. And there are so many things you can do with this space!

The flowers in this building are daisies, hyacinths and chrysanthemums in yellow and white. But any flower arrangement will do. Maybe pink or blue combined with white?

11. Nice garden

image source by @kikakcrossing

Spring is usually synonymous with flowers.

And what better way to do that than with this beautifully designed garden idea?

This regal combination of a pond and sculpture garden will impress your visiting villagers and friends.

The symmetrical arrangement of the statues makes this place truly remarkable. But if you are missing rare items, you can certainly recreate them with what you have.

I love the details of the duck sculptures that give the impression that there really are wild animals in the area.

And an additional note: It would be a wonderful place to watch shooting stars at night during meteor showers, right?

10. Azure Camping

image source by @potter_princess_acnh

Speaking of shooting stars, here’s another great place to see them.

Set up a campsite on your island, invite your friends and camp outside. Just in time for the weather to get better!

With a beautiful monochrome blue theme, this is one of those places that others are sure to appreciate.

What about it?

Finding objects that match the style is hard enough in New Horizons, and finding objects of the same color? It’s a big job.

But with a workbench, you don’t have to worry about breaking your tools.

The radio and telescope provide some outdoor entertainment here. And there are plenty of cozy spots to snuggle, including a teddy bear and pillow if you’d rather sleep under the stars than under a tent.

9. Blossom Inlets

Lucmno Image Source

The entrance to your island is the first thing visitors see when they step off the seaplane. And you want it to be great!

This lovely spring entrance is both beautiful and practical, as the area has many fruit trees.

With 1500 clocks going off at once, it’s important to have lots of fruit trees on your island (especially in the beginning of the game) to grow quickly. So they have a great view of the design anywhere they can!

This particular idea is bursting with beautiful spring colours, with tulips, camellias and peaches.

You can sit on a bench with several tables and chairs if you just want to relax in nature – if you can find the space! I imagine your villagers would love to have this place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

8. Sakura Onsen

photo source by @jen_snowwhite

One of the most beautiful parts of spring on New Horizons are the cherry blossoms.

After the cold winter, the trees on all the islands are in bloom with beautiful pink flowers.

This charming idea of hot springs, or onsen, uses cherry blossoms as the main theme.

Piles of pink petals are scattered around a hot underwater pool that sits on the rocky shore of the beach. Personally, I find rocky pieces difficult to design, so this is a fantastic solution!

If you’re looking for something to fill your beach with, try this fun idea.

7. Spring Tea Party

image source by @kyuubi_scrunch

Spring is the perfect time for an outdoor snack.

And with such beautiful surroundings, you will certainly have plenty of time for tea.

With a large square table, a bench and a stool, you can invite all your friends – or maybe just your favourite villagers!

When this table is surrounded by flowers, beautiful butterflies are also encouraged to look. They won’t keep you from snacking, but they will be an added bonus for selfies and group photos!

If you recreate this idea, you can use any flowers you like, but I love the daisies in this version.

Maybe add a few candles for some dreamy mood lighting, and the place can look great at night too.

6. Cherry Blossom Picnic

photo source by @laca.crossingg

Picnics are a popular choice in the spring. This is a pretty favorable situation that deserves to be mentioned in this list.

What could be better than sitting in a field of beautiful flowers?

Probably a bite to eat in a field of beautiful flowers, of course!

This is a great building idea because it can be as simple or as complex as you like.

Really, all you need is a rug and some flowers.

But do you have a tea set? Candles? Teddy bears?

You can really add any extra element you have and it will only increase your star rating.

Even the Godzilla statue in the background is beautiful!

5. Nice wedding location

Marano Run Image Source

Spring is the perfect time to celebrate a wedding!

So why not gather your friends on your island, appoint one of them an officer and marry that special (virtual) person.

With an arch, ceremony chairs and some creative terraforming, you can create a multi-level walkway for all your guests to experience their special moment I do.

For bonus points, hold your spring wedding during cherry blossom season to enjoy the natural romantic colors of nature!

I wonder if virtual marriages are legally binding?

4. Outdoor dining facility

image source @islandperiperi

When the weather gets warmer, it’s a treat to eat outside – no need for a restaurant!

This beautiful design uses two tables pushed together to create a larger table with room for you and all your ACNH friends.

A pair of teddy bears is also an endearing detail.

With petals strewn everywhere, pretty pastel colors and a buffet full of treats, it looks like the perfect spring day!

3. Museum area

Image source on @snowcrossing

Dads hate bugs, but this is a great place to see them in their natural habitat.

With a stream so close, you can do whatever your heart desires: Catching fish and insects.

Whether you’re in the southern or northern hemisphere, there’s sure to be plenty here!

The stone bird bath, the paper stacks and the butterfly exhibit are also interesting details.

2. Spring beach spot

Image Source @bellevue_island

Summer is a popular choice for the beach because of the warm weather. But spring is also a great time to visit the ocean!

This design lets some weeds grow and plants a flower or two to make this corner of the beach look pristine and a little chic.

With a quilt, the possibilities are endless.

You can picnic, paint or just enjoy the weather. This idea is also a good place for photos.

1. Spring Carnival

image source by @celestina.cross

Celebrate the end of winter with your residents at this amazing spring carnival installation!

Floodlights illuminate it at night, even without a meteor shower lighting up the sky. So you can enjoy a cup of tea 24/7.

This pattern is a great way to use your old party supplies if, like me, you don’t know what to do with them.

Try it for yourself and see what kind of carnival you can create.

Whatever you build, there are many reasons to enjoy the warmth and air of spring nights and have fun!

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