20 Most Underrated Water Pokémon (Ranked) –

Water is the most common type among all Pokémon.

There are 144 different types of water, and many of them are really good!

But with all these great water Pokémon, there are inevitably other great Pokémon that get left out. And most of them are probably just as effective as the ones used all the time!

So which of these underrated water guns is really worth your time? Let’s see.

20. Viskash

With his big eyes and goofy smile, it’s easy to think that Viscash will never be a threat.

And if you look at his stats, you’ll see that you’re right.

But there are two things that set this stupid guy apart.

The first is his typing.

Water/land is one of the best double types in the game, as it only has a weakness for rather unusual grass battles.

Second: Gain access to the Dragon Dance, a move that increases the user’s attack and speed by one level. That’s right, this catfish has the heart of a dragon!

Are there other Pokémon that are superior to him? Absolutely.

But did he deserve to be forgotten? Not at all.

19. Terminal

It may seem strange to include pre-evolution in this list, but hear me out.

The Clamperl is a fascinating minnow that develops by holding a scale or tooth in deep water while it develops.

But these points also give Clamperl momentum. By making her a threat in the Little Cup metagame.

It really helped Clamperl gain access to Shell Smash, probably the best forcing move in the entire game.

It doubles the user’s attack, special attack and speed, at the cost of reducing both defenses.

Combine that with the deep water hook, and suddenly you have a formidable sweeper in the small basin.

Clamperl may seem harmless. But his access to the right moves and objects makes him a real threat to good competitors.

18. Dreda

Most water types are known for their special attacks, but sometimes you need something that hits enemies directly.

And Dreadnough is a good option for that.

Drednaw is the latest addition to this list presented in Sword and Shield. He has a base attack of 115 and average speed, but his real utility lies in his quick swimming ability.

This doubles the speed of Pokémon when it rains.

And with access to moves like Stone Edge, Liquidation, Superpower, and Crunch, this thing can hit hard!

Additionally, Drednaw has a form of Gigantamax that uses Stonesurge, a water action that summons invisible stones onto the field.

It’s not the G-Max’s most powerful move, but I still think Nessa had something in mind when she used it.

Dreadnaugh hits hard and may be exactly what you need on a rain team.

17. Lanturn

Lanturn is an interesting Pokémon because of its unique water/electric typing ability.

Add in an Ice-type attack, and you can hit more than half of the Pokémon for super-effective damage!

But what makes Lanturn really cool is the ability to get additional immunities with water or volt absorbers.

These are skills that allow the user to turn water or electricity attacks into health rather than damage. This means that Lanturn can really take advantage of his great HP values.

But I think what really motivates Lanturn is that he’s so cute!

Have you seen a fisherman? These things are really terrible!

16. Brussels

Bruxish is probably the most hated Pokémon in years because of its….. unique appearance.

Okay, that’s just ugly.

But that justifies his decent fade ability, which prevents him from using priority moves against your team. It literally stops the enemy in his tracks.

But what really makes Bruxish interesting is his Water Psycho typing combined with Strong Jaw, a trait that increases the damage of any attack-based bite.

This is perfect for Bruxish, as he has access to Psychic Fangs, a biting move that also breaks shields.

The thing is, you can really shock your opponent when you pull out the Bruxish.

You know what? It’s really dazzling.

15. Samurott

Samurott is probably the most forgotten water starter.

His pre-evolutions are great, but the end result looks a bit ….. not so good.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not an effective Pokémon.

Samurott has excellent offensive stats and can use many powerful moves, such as Hydro Pump, Mega Horn, Aqua Jet and Razor Sink. But his real strength lies in his ability to armor the shell.

Carapace Armor ensures that Pokémon never take a critical hit. This means you can invest in a decent Samurott defense and spend a lot of time sword dancing!

People can forget Samurot.

But if you do, you’ll be surprised when he comes up with a hydro pump.

14. Polygraph

The water fight is a great double set.

Just look at Keldeo and Urshifa!

But if you don’t have access to these literal legends, can I recommend Polyvrat?

Polyvrat is often overshadowed by Politoed, his rainmaker counterpart, but I promise you Polyvrat can be an absolute beast under the right circumstances.

Again, you have another great option for physical rain restoration.

And it can continue with a tumble shot that takes advantage of Poliwrath’s solid mixed defense.

Or maybe you want to be defensive and use his other gift, water absorption?

Here’s the thing: Poliwrath is actually one of the most useful Pokémon you’ll find on this list. But don’t give him a dynamic kick like Chuck.

13. Keyboard

I love crustaceans, and Clawitzer is one of my favorites in all of Pokémon.

This is mainly due to its incredible capabilities with Mega Launcher.

Mega Launcher does 50% more damage on every Momentum hit, and there’s a lot more than meets the eye. Clavitzer can teach Water Pulse, Dark Pulse, Aura Sphere and Healing Pulse if you think you’re a healer.

Add a few specifications to that and you suddenly have an incredibly powerful, albeit slow, wall breaker!

Clavitzer may be a one trick pony, but it’s a really cool trick!

12. Inteleon

I wanted Inteleon to be cooler than it is.

We were supposed to get a James Bond, but instead we got something that looked like someone dressed up as James Bond!

But either way, Inteleon fills a unique niche by still being able to score critical hits.

Intelion’s Sharpshooter skill means that critical hits do 2x damage instead of 1.5x.

Thus, his signature move, the Snipe shot, is more likely to result in a critical hit.

Combine that with the Focus Energy movement and the Scope Lens element, and you have a critical machine hit!

11. Occultizer

I’m a big fan of the Octilleria.

It’s an octopus, and its shine is all gold! How cool is that?

And while his speed is terrible, he makes up for it with great coverage.

With a cool 105. Special attack, the archer can learn to use a hydro pump, fire beam, ice beam and energy ball.

This means it can hit nearly 700 Pokémon for super effective damage. This is insane!

But the real joy comes when you realize that the low speed is a gift, not a curse, because of the smart space. Trick Space is a move that allows slower Pokémon to move faster than faster Pokémon. Suddenly you have a sweeper that can hit anything!

Let’s hope it’s a cephalopod we’ll see a lot more of.

10. Cabutops

When I was a kid, I thought the coolest thing Pokémon could have were hand swords.

And while Skeeter is cool, Kabutops has always been my favorite.

Unfortunately, because of Shell Smash and Twitch Plays Pokémon, Kabutops has always been overshadowed by Omastar.

But this doesn’t mean Kabutops has been forgotten!

He has good offensive stats of 115 and has access to the fast swim, just like Drednaw.

However, Kabutops is slightly faster and has access to an excellent utility move, the Rapid Spin.

But Kabutops has an edge over Dreadnaugh because I like him better. Kabutops is fantastic and deserves much more love than it gets.

9. Pyukumuku

Pyukumuku is a Pokémon that literally spits out your guts.

What, you don’t like it anymore? He’s not learning offensive moves either.

Then why was he in the top 10? Because it’s essentially a water buffet.

Pyukumuku is designed to catch a physical Pokémon with Block and slowly finish it off with Toxic, Counter, and Invisible.

Not only that, but a solid recovery with recovery and rest.

On top of that, you have a Pokémon that slowly depletes your opponent’s life. On top of that, his Unconscious ability makes enemy boost shots completely useless.

Is there much variety in Pukumuku? God, no.

But is it effective? Absolutely.

8. Kingler

Like I said, I love shellfish.

And all the crab-like pokemons are awesome.

It’s been that way since the beginning. And to give you an example, let me introduce you to Kingler.

Kingler is a crab with an incredible 130 offensive stats.

And since the physical/special separation in the 4th. The generation can benefit from this. With great moves like crab hammer, removal, high power, and super strength, Kingler will always do a lot of damage.

Unfortunately, Kingler really needs help with his special stats.

It has incredibly low special protection and can be easily disabled by most types of electricity.

But I wouldn’t want to focus on the negative. I love Kingler, and I wouldn’t want to be Crabby.

7. Carracosta

One of the first Pokémon ever was Blastoise, a fearsome turtle with guns sticking out of its shell.

How does another Pokémon turtle compete with a squirrel line?

Well, I think Carracosta is right.

With his great offensive and defensive stats, Carracosta can take full advantage of Shell Smash. Yes, I know it’s another water Pokémon that uses Shell Smash.

But this movement is incredible! Can you blame me?

But it’s much easier to set up Shell Smash in Carracosta because of his Tough skill.

This prevents Carracosta from going out with a thud on the turf or the electrical type. This allows him to catch an opponent with a stone edge or an ice blast and knock him out. Note that the opponent has no priority attack.

In my opinion, Carracosta is definitely turtle enough for the Squirrel Club.

6. Feraligater

I’ve been talking a lot about Feraligate lately, so I’ll be brief.

Feraligatr really came into his own with the Sheer Force ability, an ability that increases basic movement power with a side effect. It undoes the effect, but it’s worth it.

Feraligator takes advantage of this with powerful physical moves like Elimination, Crunch, and Ice Strike.

But what really makes it great is the dragon dance move.

Once you speed things up, you can’t stop them.

Unfortunately, the Feraligator is not yet available in the Sword and Shield set. But once this happens, caution is advised. Because this thing will be everywhere!

5. Impoleon

With the remakes of Diamond and Pearl, all Sinnoh starters are back in full force.

And while Infernap will steal the show, I think Empoleon deserves it just as much.

Empoleon’s sport is a unique water and steel marking that gives him a resilience and immunity of 10.

He is able to take advantage of all this by being an absolutely amazing utility Pokémon. He can modify Stealth Rock or get rid of her with Defog.

It can transmit poisoning or burns.

He can repel his opponent’s attack with roars or defend himself with archers.

Empoleon is perhaps one of the best water defenders in the game. And once he’s in the league, he’ll make a name for himself.

4. Barbary

Man, there are a lot of shell breakers on this list!

But have you ever wondered what someone would look like if they were just a pile of rocks with arms sticking out? Then you’ll love Barbarracle!

Yes, we have a different type of water/rock that Shell Smash uses. But what sets Barbaracle apart is the diversity of the movement.

Not only can he use the usual water, rock, and combat moves, but he also has access to Air Ace to deal with grasses, and Grass Knot to deal with all those water and ground types.

He also has the Hard Claws skill, which makes any move that comes into contact with an opponent even stronger.

Is Barabaracle ugly? Yes.

But can he hit like a truck when he’s done? Helly did.

3. Seismitoad

Seismitoad is tied with Bruxish and Barbaraclay for being the ugliest water Pokémon to see.

But for some reason, I prefer Seismithoad.

It’s a Pokemon that looks like a frog, but really looks like a frog!

It’s also one of the best defensive walls in all of Pokémon.

With its decent volume and excellent typing, Seismitoad poses a threat to any physical attacker. He can easily switch to water attacks with the water absorber and support his team with moves like Stealth Rock, Toxic and Knock Off.

But that’s not all!

Seismitoad can also be, you guessed it, a rain sweeper!

However, what sets it apart from other sweepers is the power whip: a really powerful run on grass. And Sludge Wave, a poisonous super-dick.

Now you can’t just block Seismithoad with Gastrodon or Grass. This pad can eliminate it, no problem.

Seismitoad can fit into any of these roles thanks to a relatively even distribution of statuses. I love this stuff, flaws and all.

2. Crowdant

That’s it. The last crustacean of the whole list!

And how nice it is to get out.

Crawdaunt is pretty incredible with huge 120 attack stats and excellent water/dark typing.

Crawdaunt can really take advantage of this attack and these guys with the crab hammer and knock off, a move that knocks down any object the opponent is holding.

Combine that with Aqua Jet and Melee priority, and you’re instantly dealing with a terrifying threat.

But that’s not all!

Crowdown also has adaptability.

Basically it’s like the sniper, but for super effective damage. This is much more common than critical hits. And he has access to the sword dance and the dragon dance.

What can’t this crayfish do?

Crowdant is literally a bully. And one of the best water Pokémon I’ve ever seen.

However, there is another Pokémon that the bird…..

1. Quagsir

We start with a mocking smile and end with a mocking smile.

And like Viscash, Quagsir is a water/land man who is secretly a beast.

However, Quagsir has no move or skill that enhances his attacks.

No, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Unaware is an incredible skill that allows the user to ignore all changes in the opponent’s stats.

This will invalidate any increase in statistics. If your opponent has a super accelerated clearing, just switch to Quagsir. He will poison her with Toxic and keep himself alive with his body count and access to the Restoration.

Quagsir looks like an idiot, and he seems to have no idea what’s going on around him.

And that’s why Quagsir is so successful.

It’s worth mentioning, along with other great water/land types like Swampert and Gastrodon. And because it’s not, it’s the most underrated kind of water.

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