3 Reasons Why Passing Cisco 350-401 Exam Is a Great Path to Pursue

On the popular Cisco platform, there are several certification tracks waiting to be unlocked. There are many mandates you can take if you want to be accredited in the current field. But where do you start to climb the ladder at Cisco? Of the many options, exceptional rating is very popular, as it leads to the creation of badges. And we refer to 350-401 (ENCOR), which is considered a Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technology Implementation.

Since its release, this Cisco assessment has caught the attention of several executives and benefited countless IT professionals. And here are three reasons why it’s worth buying the 350-401.

You can bring authenticity to your skills

Passing the exam is not only ideal for getting a certificate. It’s for long-term skill development. You should be prepared to learn different techniques and principles to build a solid foundation in all areas of business networking. This will not only help you during the assessment, but also in the workplace. If you have this attitude, the learning will continue even after you pass the Certbolt 350-401 exam.

Either way, this 120-minute test will help you master IPv4 and IPv6 architectures, automation, network security, virtualization, security, infrastructure, and other related IT topics with confidence. It builds your skills in recognizing different designs and operating principles, defining concepts and technologies, implementing features, and interpreting codes and concepts.

350-401 Generous with certification associations

Earlier in the introduction we talked about the opening of a large number of accreditations by ENCOR Exam Lab 350-401. One of these is the Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Core certificate, which you will receive after passing the exam.

This is also the most important test for the CCNP Enterprise. Only an evaluation of the accompanying concentration is required to complete the process. It is also a qualifying exam for the CCIE Enterprise Wireless and CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure. So by taking the 350-401 exam, you are taking the first step towards obtaining one of these certifications. So how can you use them? Well, that brings us to the next point.

Get the chance to maximise your job opportunities

The goal of all challenges in preparing for the ENCOR exam is to benefit from its valuable consequences. Let’s say you have your long-awaited digital badge. At that point, all the fruits of your labor will gradually become apparent, such as improved skills, professional recognition, better pay, etc. Now that your qualifications are clear, you can send out your resume with less anxiety and more confidence.


That’s it. These are the factors that answer the big question of why you should pass the Cisco 350-401 exam. Although we have only mentioned three, there are in fact many more. But we won’t tell you! You can find out more by taking the test. CCIE Enterprise Wireless, CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure, CCNP Enterprise and Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Core certifications provide additional rewards along the way!

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