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While most of my peers were watching the World Cup at the weekend, I was busy taking part in a far bloodier, more violent spectacle: the launch of the new Scarletseries game, “Space Pirates vs Ninjas: Ultimate Space Showdown.”

This week, we’ve got a review of a story that had some incredible action sequences, but fell a bit short on the ending. The story was called John Titor, and the author was a man who claimed to be from the year 2038, where he had traveled back in time to warn us of the future and to save us from destruction. John Titor was a story that had huge potential, but unfortunately it fell short for a lot of people.

Yasuke, a samurai of African descent who served as a mate to the Japanese daimyo Oda Nobunaga! The Netflix adaptation is about the first African samurai, and what I thought would be a historical animated event turned out to be something else!

In short, the suspiciously peaceful skipper once known as the Black Samurai is drawn back into the conflict when he takes a little girl with mysterious powers under his wing. This is the principle of the series.

I had a little trouble with the plot. Many things have changed to fit a more modern look, and that’s good, but that’s not all! Yasuka had wizards, a bear woman who could change shape, duels in the astral plane, and giant robots in feudal Japan, all interesting to look at, but there was no substance. It seemed disjointed, random, and didn’t explain much. By explanation I mean, why a robot with 21st century weapons is a technology that exists in this world at the beginning of the 20th century, when such a technology cannot be found anywhere else! Many other questions will arise while watching Yasuke!

We were thrown into this world and had to get through it! We also went back and forth through the decades to better understand Yasuke and why he is the way he is, and the traumas he deals with as a samurai and as an outsider, and honestly that was the most interesting part of the story. I wanted Yasuke’s backstory to introduce him and his background and history, but it went by pretty quickly. I wanted to see his background, coming from a foreign country and having to adapt! I realize there are few tracks, and yes, freedom would have been accepted, but it was not satisfying. But it was the animation and the bright world of Yasuke that helped!

Once the flashback slowed down and focused on the present, it got even crazier and I started to lose interest. As mentioned, wizards, bears in disguise, astral plane duels, and giant robots are all part of the story, which makes it less appealing in my opinion. Yes, of course the story is loosely based on a historical figure, but if you take away Yasuke, you quickly realize that the story is a bit mediocre and sloppy. The final stroke had no effect either. Speaking of which, the villain’s motive wasn’t that strong. Yes, she was hungry, but why was the little girl the opposite of her? Why did she escape her cycle at the last minute? In this world, what exactly makes magic what it is?

Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to think of this series when I finished it. Yes, it’s great that we got to see an animated Yasuke (hopefully there will be more in the future), but I would have preferred a more down-to-earth story, something like the Vinland saga, a story that pays homage to a relatively unknown character. Instead of this plot, we were treated to a flashy action sequence!

Netflix review by Yasuke: Unusual story with action elements that didn’t really catch on!


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