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Looking for the best free MBOX file viewer to view MBOX files? So stay with us. I am here today with an expert solution to help you open, view, read and analyze MBOX files. Therefore, go through the whole article to find the solution.

As you know, an MBOX file is a common file format used to store a collection of email messages. This is a uniform text file type that stores mail from a mailbox in a chain, with each mail beginning with a From header. This MBOX file allows users to organize and save emails to the local disk. Since the messages stored in an MBOX file have a special text format, not all e-mail clients can open this type of file without problems. Therefore, you need an ideal utility to open it. Therefore, here we present a free online tool to view MBOX files, which allows you to open these MBOX files easily.

The MBOX file is also known as a mailbox file format and is saved with the extension .mbox. Originally used on Unix hosts, it is now compatible with other email client applications such as Apple Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird, Nokisoft Noki and QUALCOMM Eudora for Microsoft Windows.

Advantages of MBOX files

  1. The file format is universally compatible.
  2. Add a new email to your inbox faster.
  3. Quickly search for text in a mailbox.
  4. It contains simple text formatting and starts with From in the header.
  5. Support for over 30 web/cloud-based email clients.
  6. Saves attachments in an encrypted format.

These are the various advantages of using MBOX files as a file format to store email messages. Now let’s look at the need for an online MBOX viewer.

Why do we need a free MBOX viewer?

  • Viewing Damaged MBOX Files Sometimes damaged and corrupted MBOX files help users to view and open their MBOX files with the help of an online MBOX viewer.
  • MBOX File Preview If a user needs to view and read many MBOX files at once, he/she can use this free online MBOX file viewer, it provides users the best way to view MBOX files.
  • MBOX analysis without email client In some cases, users want to analyze and view the data of a MBOX file, but can’t, so they can choose the free MBOX reader to read and analyze the data.
  • Open multiple MBOX files With this free online MBOX viewer, users can open, read, analyze and view multiple MBOX files at once.

It is the different needs of free MBOX file viewer online that make us use Sysinfo Free MBOX File Viewer to view and open MBOX files and their attachments. This software allows users to access, view, analyze and read data from MBOX files independent of an email client. Designed with an advanced algorithm to open healthy and damaged MBOX files, the software offers an interactive and intuitive graphical interface. Moreover, this utility is available online for free to display all mailbox items such as inbox, outbox, drafts, etc.

MBOX Online Viewer

To view, open and read the data and attachments in MBOX files, follow the steps below carefully:

    1. Download and install the MBOX Sysinfo file viewer.
    2. Run the program as your system administrator.

    1. Then click the Open button and add the MBOX file to the program.

    1. After adding the MBOX files to the view, click OK.
    2. Select all emails or a specific email address to view them in the software’s preview window.

    1. Then click on the Upgrade button.
    2. Save all selected messages in the desired location here.

The powerful online viewing features of Free MBOX

  • The software opens corrupted, inaccessible and damaged MBOX files.
  • It is compatible with more than 20 email clients, such as. B. Thunderbird, Postbox, Apple Mail, Entourage, Eudora, etc.
  • Provides the ability to view MBOX files without an email client.
  • Ability to view the contents of selected MBOX files.
  • Allows users to view and read all mailbox items such as inbox, outbox, drafts, etc.
  • Download and open MBOX files for free.
  • The software is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and all subsequent versions.

If you want to open the EML files with a free EML viewer, use the solution mentioned above.


In this blog, we will learn that an MBOX file is a file format used to store a collection of email messages. This allows users to organize and store email on a local drive. You will then discover the various advantages of MBOX files. So you can see why we should use a free online MBOX file viewer. Also, check out the steps of the MBOX online viewer and their main features.

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