CleanMyMac X Review: Is it the Perfect Tool for You?

CleanMyMac X Review


CleanMyMac X is a Mac optimization software worthy of the name. It can free up disk space by cleaning unwanted files, performing various maintenance tasks, removing malware, uninstalling applications, etc. I thought these amazing things were expensive. It is not a free application and the price is not cheap.


  • Optimizing Mac performance
  • Malware Removal
  • Uninstalling applications
  • Software update
  • Compatible with Apple’s new M1 silicon chip.


  • No integrated search for duplicate files
  • Not cheap.

If you’re looking for a direct review of CleanMyMac X, you’ve come to the right place. In this article you will learn more about it.

Unlike Windows, Macs don’t have as many problems that need to be fixed on a regular basis. But he still has problems you don’t want to see. For example, recalcitrant applications that cannot be uninstalled, remnants, junk files, malware problems, excessive RAM usage, insufficient memory, DNS problems, etc. can slow down your Mac. To get rid of these problems, CleanMyMac X can be the right choice. This is a popular optimization app for Macs. You might consider using it. But before you do that, you can check out this CleanMyMac X review to know whether it is the right Mac optimizer for you or not.

CleanMyMac X Overview

CleanMyMac X is an optimization software for Mac from MacPaw. It can help users clean up and optimize slow Mac computers. It offers many features and functions for the comfort of the user. Anyway, this CleanMyMac X review will tell you all about it, with its pros and cons. That way you can know if you should use it or not.

System requirements:

You can run CleanMyMac X on Intel and Apple Silicon Macs. Here are the full system requirements.

Operating system MacOS 10.0 or higher
Processor Intel x86 or Apple silicon (Arm)
Memory 200 MB AND MORE

CleanMyMac X Overview: Features and specifications

Before we get into the details of the features, you can take a look at the specifications.

Publisher MacPaw
Name of the software CleanMyMac X
Verified version v4.8.2
Installer size 73.9 MB
Size of the installation 184 MB (approx.)

If we look at the main features, this is what we find in CleanMyMac X.

  • garbage man
  • Application uninstaller
  • Malware Removal
  • Software update
  • Memory Optimizer
  • Various service functions
  • privacy protection
  • File shredder

These features are more than enough to give you a great Mac OS experience. Let’s see what you can do with the latest version of CleanMyMac X.

Optimizing Mac performance

The first thing you will notice is an improvement in performance. This software can improve the overall performance of your old and slow Mac. To do this, it can fix some minor bugs, clean up redundant files, optimize hard drive and memory, etc.

To speed up a slow Mac, it offers optimization and maintenance features. You can enable or disable all startup agents, stop powerful applications, etc. Moreover, CleanMyMac X has many tools for maintenance. These include Spotlight reindexing, RAM release, DNS flash, disk space release, disk recovery permissions, maintenance scripts, etc. These tools can help you get your Mac up and running faster and solve a variety of common problems. Combined, these features can give you a better experience.

Cleaning up your Mac and freeing up disk space

Unlike Windows laptops, most Macbooks have limited storage and cannot be upgraded after purchase. In this case, many users have problems with their storage space. This may lead them to rely on an external SSD/HDD. But CleanMyMac X can remove temporary files and all junk from your Mac. This will create more space. In this way, it can help eliminate problems related to lack of disk space.

CleanMyMac X makes it easy to clean up system junk, temporary data, email attachments, junk files and more.

Updating and removing applications

Although removing Horrors on a Mac is very simple, it can sometimes be tricky. There may indeed be leftover applications and uninstalling the application is not enough to remove them. In this case, the built-in uninstaller of CleanMyMac X can help you.

If you are worried about updating the apps on your Mac, CleanMyMac X has an update utility. It will tell you if there is a new update available for any of your programs. It can also automatically update supported software on demand.

Malware removal and privacy

CleanMyMac X is not a specialized anti-malware program. It has a module to find and remove malware on your Macbook, iMac, Mac Pro, etc. Although its success in detecting threats is unknown, it can still help you get basic protection. Since it was originally compatible with Apple’s Silicon Mac, this is a plus. I have yet to find any major antivirus vendor that has made their software available for the Mac M1.

To protect your privacy, CleanMyMac X has a number of privacy features such as erasing browsing traces like history, auto-filling forms and deleting chat data from your Mac. Both features are ideal for people who value their privacy.

View and remove large and unwanted files

CleanMyMac X has a number of features, such as. B. Empty target, large and old files. This will help you understand which applications and files are taking up the most storage space. Moreover, the file shredding function can permanently clean up files and make them irretrievable.

CleanMyMac X Overview: User interface and experience

When I first used it, I noticed it was more on the surface. It has an incredible user interface. It looks very modern and clean, with nice animations. It is so elegant that many users will fall in love with the interface. The user interface has been refined in a new version, so it looks great in macOS BigSur.

When you first open this app, it greets you with its amazing introduction. The way the animation is presented is very appealing to the eye.

All options and functions are easily accessible. With an elegant user interface and user-friendly design, it can provide excellent service.

There are no major problems with the internet. However, the swipe and delete buttons sometimes feel a little out of place. It happened to me. It must have been a mistake. Other than that, I give IU 100 out of 100 points.

CleanMyMac X Overview: Power

She also did well in the real world. It found the unnecessary and temporary files for me and cleaned them all up. I have also uninstalled several applications with it. All other features seem to be good too. It has a very good reputation among users. So I think most others will enjoy it as well.

However, you have to be a bit careful when using this kind of software. Apply optimization when your Mac becomes slow. Otherwise, you will not see any performance improvement. Although this may cause problems in the beginning.


CleanMyMac X is not a free software, although it does offer a free trial. Pricing starts at $34.95 per year. It includes a single license for Mac. There are other pricing options for multiple devices and for lifetime service. Here are the details of the prices.

Price Device limit Validity
$34.95 1 1 year
$54.95 2 1 year
$79.95 5 1 year
$89.95 1 For life
$134.95 2 For life
$199.95 5 For life

CleanMyMac X Overview: Other

In reviewing CleanMyMac X, I found no major flaws. However, I was under the impression that it could not search for duplicate files. This can make it even more attractive. Elsa, she’s a little expensive.

Last block :

CleanMyMac X has a free trial version. I suggest you try it before you buy it. I highly recommend it for Mac users. Especially if you are using a Mac with the Apple M1 chip, you should give it a try as it is compatible with the Apple Silicon.

However, after reading this CleanMyMac X review, you may have already made your own decision. If so, feel free to share your thoughts on this software in the comments section.

frequently asked questions

Is CleanMyMac X recommended by Apple?

Question: Q : I really need CleanmyMac X. No. Not at all. It is best not to install a so-called third-party cleaning application on your Mac. Your Mac runs in the background for you.

Can I erase my Mac?

Yeah, you can trust him to ruin your Mac. … Never install products that claim to clean, speed up, optimize, improve, or make your Mac shine.

Is Clean My Mac worth it?

It’s a subscription, but it gives you a ton of apps, and I use 18 of them! Absolutely valid IMO and Clean My Mac is one of them.

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