How do I fix a Vizio remote control malfunction

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It can be very frustrating to use the remote control to change channels on your Vizio TV, but nothing happens. The Vizio remote control may stop working for various reasons, for example. For example, problems with the device’s battery or even the TV itself. You can usually get your Vizio back up and running with a little troubleshooting.

If the Vizio remote control stops working, it may be due to a dead battery, a blocked TV sensor, improper power supply between the remote control and the TV, a dirty power source, a blocked remote control memory, or problems with the TV itself.

In this article, we will give you some tips on how to repair your remote control, provided that its operation is not affected by a defective IR sensor.

Why doesn’t the Vizio remote control work?

Dead batteries: If the batteries in the remote control are exhausted, you cannot use the Vizio remote control.

TV Sensor Locked : If the infrared beam cannot reach the TV because the sensor between the remote control and the TV is blocked, it may cause an error.

Electronic malfunction: If other devices in the vicinity emit radiation that interferes with the infrared radiation from the remote control, this error may occur.

A dirty energy source: If the power supply to the TV has an unclean supply, there may be a permanent problem.

Remaining power to the TV and remote control : If the residual power of the remote control or the TV affects their ability to transmit or broadcast the infrared beam, a persistent problem may occur.

The remote control memory is locked: If the remote’s memory is locked to a lock or device, you may experience problems similar to those you are experiencing.

Broken TV: If your TV is not working properly, you may get this error message.

Troubleshooting the Vizio remote control

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Resetting the remote control to clear the memory.

  1. Press and hold the Setup key. Release the button. The indicator on the top of the remote control flashes twice.
  2. Enter the reset code for your remote control. Most Vizio universal remotes have a reset code of 981 or 977, or you can refer to the remote’s user manual to find the reset code.
  3. Again, the light should blink twice. This means that the memory has been cleared and all firmware issues should be resolved.
  4. Turn on the TV using the button on the bottom of the remote and check that it works.

Turn off the TV

  1. Unplug the TV.
  2. Press and hold the TV’s power button for a few seconds, then wait a minute.
  3. Connect the TV to a power source and turn it on.

Replacing the battery

The quickest way to make sure the remote works is to replace the batteries with new ones. Most Vizio remote controls run on either two AAA batteries or two rechargeable AAA batteries.

If new batteries do not solve the problem, continue with the following solution.

Path to erase TV sensor

The TV’s IR sensor is usually located on the bottom left or right of the TV.

The sensor is very sensitive to anything that can block it, even the protective film that comes with new TVs. Move anything in front of the sensor including books, lists, etc.

Also, use a cotton swab moistened with distilled alcohol to remove dirt from the TV sensor and the IR remote control (the small light on the front of the remote).

Turning on the remote control

  1. Remove the batteries from the remote control. Press and hold the power button for a few seconds, then release it.
  2. Then press any button on the remote control while the batteries are low. Press each button at least once. This removes any residual voltage from the remote control.
  3. Replace the batteries and check the remote control again to make sure it works.

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frequently asked questions

  1. Press and hold the SET or SETUP button.
  2. Release the SET button when the LED begins to flash twice.
  3. Enter the reset code for your remote control. Most Vizio universal remote controls have a reset code of 981 or 977.
  4. Wait until the light flashes twice.
  5. Now connect the remote control to the TV.

A remote control that does not respond or does not operate the TV usually means that the batteries are dead. Point the remote control at the TV. It is also possible that other electronic devices, certain types of lighting, or anything blocking the TV’s remote control sensor could interfere with the signal.

Simply unplug the TV and press the power button on the side of the TV for 15 seconds. This discharges the remaining energy and can solve many problems. Then reconnect the TV to the power supply and turn it on again. Check the remote control again to make sure it works.

There are a number of reasons why your remote control may stop working. The most common are physical damage, battery problems, pairing problems or problems with the infrared sensor on the remote control or TV.

frequently asked questions

How do I reset the Vizio remote control?

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What if your Vizio remote control is not working?

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What causes the remote control to malfunction?

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