How to Defeat The Boss?

Valhiem is a sandbox survival game played in third person with combat. He has a collective of 4 bosses, the second of which is our friend, the oldest. It is a dark figure in the form of a giant tree that must be summoned and defeated. The ancient chalice of Valheim can only be reached after destroying the first boss, Eiktir.

How can I beat the Ancient Cup?

Each final boss in Valheim is hidden and you must complete a quest to summon them. When you deal with the Ancient One, you get the chance to deal with the Ancient Chalice.


The Elder is located in the Black Forest biome, and players must first mark the location of the Elder’s mystical altar on the map. The revelation can be made by finding burial chambers and stone structures found in the Black Forest. They will be designated Vegvisir The Elder Location, which the player can interact with and which will record the location of the Elder’s call on the map. The railroad wizard exists in several places in the forest and can unlock several callouts for the old man. You might have to take a boat to get there.


When you reach the Ancient Mystic Altar, you will find a large fire bowl, the Ancient Bowl, in the middle of the square, and a runestone similar to the previous one placed on top of it: BURN THE BOY. After activation you need 3 ancient seeds to sacrifice on the altar to summon the Ancient One. They are released by gravediggers, and each gravedigger’s nest drops an old seed. Note the purple smoke coming from the tree-like structure around the forest. It is a grey wolf nest, in fact a breeding ground, and destroy it for seeds.

Grey dwarves themselves sometimes drop these seeds, especially Beasts or Shamans. Once you have 3 seeds, add them to the quick throw and sacrifice them in the fire. Remember, you must prepare before you sacrifice yourself, for our friend the Elder will not allow himself to be sacrificed.


  1. Elderberries have three recognizable attack types:
  2. Knife axes: Damage to the area around the axe
  3. Shoot from the branches: Aim directly at the player by shooting at the branches
  4. Carrot summary: Plants take root near the player’s locations and do damage if they get close enough.

Keep in mind that the Elder is essentially a tree made of wood, so any kind of firearm or firearms will do the most damage. Even if you can beat the final boss on your own, it will be easier if you use some cheesy tactics and get some help from friends. Make sure you have enough food and plenty of bronze in your armor, this is also recommended.


When you have defeated the Elder, he will drop the Elder trophy and the Nut Key. Putting the trophy on the artificial stone will allow you to chop wood faster, and the swamp wrench will allow you to reach the crawl spaces in the swamp biome.

With the right strategy and tactics, you can turn this game into a walk in the park and have a lot of fun. Valheim can become increasingly complex as you progress through the game, allowing you to discover both the most exotic locations and the darkest creatures. Also if you want to know how to defeat Bonemass, fight Moder and defeat Jagulta, the final boss, follow the links.

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