How to Farm Chain in Valheim

One of the mid to advanced level resources you can find in Valheim is the resource chain, which you might think is created in the beginning, but it’s not.

This item is only available as loot from chests or enemies, which you can find mainly in the Wamp biome.

Chains allow you to create certain items that allow you to progress and improve your weapons for better survival.

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How to attach a chain?


Usually you can get the necklace by hunting ghosts in Valheim, and these enemies are present in the swamp biome.

Ghosts can usually be seen hovering and wandering aimlessly until they find prey to attack, which is quite dangerous if they are not on their guard.

You can attract the Wraith’s attention from a distance by firing an arrow at it, after which it will fly towards you.

Wraith will attack in melee, so it’s best to take as many distance shots as possible and switch when he’s close.

Box drawers

You can sometimes find the necklace by looting chests in flooded crypts, dungeons in the biological swamp.

By other means, such as. B. Iron, the chains can be found in different cases, with different numbers available.

Not every chest you find in the sunken crypts contains a necklace, and it’s still advisable to eliminate any ghosts you encounter while walking through the swamp biome.

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Wraith hunting tips

If you are hunting ghosts, it is advisable to bring a large bow to shoot them from a distance and to use ghost arrows or flares.

Phantom arrows inflict extra damage on Wraiths because of their phantom damage, while fire arrows inflict extra fire damage and damage over time.

Like fire damage, spirit damage can damage undead enemies or enemies considered evil over time.

The combination of these two types of damage allows you to use both initial damage and damage over time when hunting ghosts.

It’s a good idea to focus on inflicting as much damage as possible from a distance, rather than waiting for the Wraith to come to you.

Channel used

For now, a few items require a chain, but they are mostly good for endgame and can be used more in future updates.

The list of chain requirements includes the following:


  • The black metal panel
  • Black metal protection tower
  • Wolf’s breast

Strength Training Upgrade



The chain is necessary if you want to improve your forge. This allows you to make bellows that will increase the level of the forge by one star.

The upgrade forge allows you to upgrade your armor and weapons for later levels of the game.

Players looking for the Wolf Armor Chest and Black Metal Shields will need the chain to obtain these pieces.

The hanging fireplace is one of the best light sources you can get in Valheim, and you’ll need some chains to make it later.

For a successful session at Haim Farm, it would be good to prepare the right food and use a good bow and arrow or flare.

frequently asked questions

Can you make necklaces in Walheim?

The necklace is an object found in Valheim. It can only be found as scrap or loot and cannot be manufactured.

Where can I find ghosts in Valheim?

Ghosts can roam the marshes at night, usually in abandoned houses. They slowly follow the players as soon as they are alerted and disappear at daybreak.

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