How To Find My HP Printer Wifi Password In 4 Simple Steps

Does your HP printer need to work immediately? Don’t worry about it. You’ll serve your time. I just read this guide on how to find the wifi password for my HP printer. We’ve made it as simple as possible so you can get back to doing what you do best.

4-step guide to find thepassword for my HP Wifi printer.

If you have never used an HP printer before, the following procedures may seem like a new language you are speaking for the first time. But once you learn it, you can do the same with any HP Wi-Fi printer model you encounter in your home or office.

This process is similar to connecting two wireless devices. However, HP printers allow you to print in two ways – which we will discuss later.

In the meantime, you can recover the password of the HP Wifi printer. Just follow the steps below to find the password of your HP wireless printer once and for all:

Step 1: Turning on the printer

First of all. Make sure the printer is plugged into an electrical outlet. Then press the power button to turn the device on.

After ignition, check that the cartridge is charged. During use, check that an ink cartridge compatible with your printer is installed. After checking, insert paper into the cassette.

These first steps seem obvious, but many people tend to forget them. In addition, the next steps we have described will only work if you are sure your printer is working. So take the time to go through all the notes in Step 1 before you continue.

Step 2: Search for Wireless Direct Print button

Therefore, in addition to the power button, there should be two other buttons on the printer’s control panel with a small light next to them. One indicates a connection to a wifi network at home or work. This is indicated by a blue light next to the wifi connection icon you can see. The symbol looks like a tower with signals radiating from the sides. This is not the button to push.

To begin searching for my HP Wifi printer’s password, first identify the Wireless Direct Print button. It is usually located just below the wifi connection icon. The icon for this button represents a printer with two copies – one vertical and one fed into the printer.

Once you find the Wireless Instant Print button, press it. Press and hold the button for a few seconds until a white light comes on next to it.

Step 3: Wait for the printer to print your password

Surprised? That’s what we thought, because that’s really all it takes. Once the Wireless Instant Print button lights up, wait a few seconds and the printer will print your wireless password.

Step 4: Connect the HP Wifi printer to.

These instructions do not stop when you print your password! To connect the printer, go to a computer (PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone).

First, verify that the HP printer and the source device are connected to the same network. Then open Settings > Printer Settings. If you are using a Mac, you can find the printer settings in the System Preferences window. The name and model of the printer are displayed. Come on, stop it.

You will be asked to enter a password. Use the password you received on the printout. You are now ready to start wireless printing.

Well done for doing it in just 4 steps! Read on to discover important tips we have for HP Wifi printer users like you.

Print option: Direct wireless printing

We understand that you may be in a situation where you need to print your work with urgency. For those times when you barely have time to meet your printing needs and can’t even follow the four steps described above, this is your next option.

What about wifi networks that suddenly give a warning that there is no connection? That’s more than enough to cause a panic attack or even a heart attack. But relax and stay calm. There is another solution you should know about. Have a little more patience to find a simple solution that you can use when faced with these rather complicated circumstances.

The other option we are going to talk about is printing your work with direct wireless printing. Most HP Wi-Fi printers now have this feature by default. Here’s everything you need to do to get a seal:

Step 1: Make sure the HP printer supports direct wireless printing.

You can do this in two ways. For the first method, simply locate the appropriate Wireless Direct Print icon on the printer’s control panel. If you don’t know what this looks like, check out step 1 in the previous section here. The second option is to access the printer settings from your mobile device.

Step 2: Connecting your mobile device to the printer

It is easier to do this if you have connected the device to the printer before. In this case, make sure that HP Wireless Direct is enabled.

If not, you will be prompted to visit the HP Embedded Web Server (EWS). Click this button, which will take you to HP Servers, and perform the following steps:

  • Click on the Network tab.
  • Tap the Wi-Fi Direct option.
  • Depending on the type and security level of your connection, the servers may automatically prompt you to switch to another network, change your password, and update your Wi-Fi Direct option. Watch everything. Then click on Apply.

Once you have completed all these steps, you can print directly from your mobile device. The best part is that you can get around the lack of connection without getting tired. Queue up your print requests right from your mobile phone. Then put your feet up and wait for the print. Look, you wondered how I can find the wifi password for my HP printer, and you have more answers than expected.

Note about changing the HP Wi-Fi printer password

We know you’re screaming in your head about this: No more passwords! Yes, we know that creating a new password can suddenly ruin your good mood.

Like it or not, passwords are essential in a world where hackers are just waiting for you. This is the perfect opportunity for them, and you are the perfect prey. Take it or leave it, but at the time you signed up for the HP Wifi printer, you also signed up for the responsibility of securing your account.

Companies like HP can’t do much to keep your printers safe. Much of this vulnerability is your responsibility. The least you can do is make sure your network and printer passwords are secure.

Network security is beyond the scope of this document. Still, it’s worth including some tips here and now on the main reasons and ways to improve the security of your Wi-Fi printers.

Why your Wi-Fi printer must be secure

Here are the main reasons why we recommend you take extra measures to secure your HP printer:

  • Printer hacking is becoming increasingly common. You must do everything in your power to prevent becoming yet another victim of a security incident.
  • Wireless printers are not secured by default. From time to time you should check the settings and download firmware updates.
  • Information sent to or from the printer can be easily intercepted. Not all printers work with encrypted information by default.

The list of reasons can be long. Finally, the reason you want Wi-Fi printing to be secure is quite simple. You don’t want to give information to people who don’t want to see what you have to print, do you? Plus, anyone can print on your Wi-Fi printer too. They wouldn’t like that either.

How to secure your Wi-Fi printer

To keep the printer safe and unobtrusive for a busy bee like you, we recommend two. We strongly recommend that you do these two things:

  • First, make sure you assign a secure password to the Wi-Fi printer. Make sure no one can guess your Wi-Fi password. It is always best to combine upper and lower case letters, as well as numbers and special characters. You can write your password on a piece of paper and lock it. You can also sign up for an online password manager like LastPass or Dashlane to secure your password.
  • Second: Make sure the printer’s firmware is always up to date. Whenever you are asked to download updates, do so. Regular updates to the latest version of the software ensure that you receive updates to fix bugs and other vulnerabilities that put you at greater risk of cyber-attacks.

These tips are even more important when you are trying to protect your privacy. Proprietary information must be kept strictly confidential. To do this, just stick to these two basic principles.


Don’t ask me how to find the wifi password for my HP printer. This part is quite simple and can be done in four very easy steps. Don’t limit yourself to print jobs. Ask yourself what you can do to make your printer safe too.

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How do I recover the password of an HP printer?


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