How to Find Out Who Blocked You on WhatsApp (2020 Update)

Do you think your friend is blocking you on WhatsApp? Want to know if your girlfriend or boyfriend is blocking you? Here’s a way for you to see if someone is avoiding you on the app.

Do you think some of your contacts have blocked you on WhatsApp? Don’t worry, I can tell you exactly what to do.

I’m Frankie Caruso (app tester and technology expert) and in this quick guide, I’m going to tell you 5 ways to know if your suspicions are correct or not.

However, I should point out that while these methods offer more than just clues, there is no specific way to tell if you are blocked or not.

Therefore, you will see the reliability ratio (RR), a scale that indicates the degree of reliability of these options from 1 to 100.

The developers of WhatsApp have not yet released an official feature that lets people know who has blocked them. That said, I have a few methods that should help you.

To defeat the enemy, you must become the enemy.

If you want to know if someone has broken communication on WhatsApp, you need to know what happens when you block someone on the app.


Let’s see what you need to know.

WhatsApp: 5 ways to find out who has blocked you

As I explained above, you will see in detail five methods to determine who has blocked you on WhatsApp.

Each has a reliability factor (KF) from 1 to 100 to determine reliability.

Let’s look at a few of these techniques.

1. Techniques last seen (RC 45%)

The first thing you need to do to find out who has blocked you is to look at the statistics last seen.

Just open a conversation with them (you don’t have to write a message) and look at the timestamp that appears under their name.

If you see the words Last Seen…. it means that you are NOT LOCKED in. If nothing appears here, chances are you are one of the blocked contacts.

Frankie’s opinion:

Wrong: This method seems to have little effect lately: many users hide their last seen status.

2. Profile display technology (RC 65%)

This technique is similar to the previous one, but with a higher degree of reliability. This method is more reliable because people are much more likely to show their profile picture and less likely to post the last seen status.

Note that a small percentage of people may not have a contact photo.

To use this method, open the suspect blocking contact’s profile and view their profile picture.

If you can’t see the photo, it’s probably because that person has blocked you. When you block a contact, they can no longer see your profile picture.

Frankie’s opinion:

Error Limit : People may just delete or not use their photo, which can lead to skewed results.

3. Single tick technique (RC 55%)

This third post is about the famous brackets (the little green, blue or grey icons that appear in the bottom right corner of messages to indicate whether they have been received, sent or read).

If you are blocked, you will always see a single check mark next to the message.

Otherwise, you will see one or two additional check boxes indicating that the message has been received and read.

Frankie’s opinion:

Error Limit : This method may fail if the suspicious contact can read the messages without the checkboxes appearing or changing.

4. Near-perfect technique (RC 90-99%)

Based on the RC rankings, you can see that the top three methods are reasonably reliable, but are nowhere near the level of confidence you need.

To be sure the contact is suspicious, we need more. Psychology is useful here, but it shouldn’t be a challenge.

What we do here is combine the techniques described above with the known behavior of the suspect contact. In this way, you can avoid all the mistakes of the techniques mentioned above.

Essentially, you need to summarize all available data. Gather the information you got in the first three techniques and see if there are any inconsistencies with the alleged use of the app by the contact you suspect.

It may seem difficult, but you don’t have to be a psychologist to do it.

Let’s see how it works with this example:

We would like to know if our contact John has blocked our account. You open her contact on WhatsApp and notice that her last visit is not displayed.

You’ve also noticed that the double check marks on your posts no longer appear and his profile picture has disappeared. In this case, it is very clear that John has probably blocked you.

You’ve probably searched your memory to remember which user John was on WhatsApp.

The two most likely scenarios are:

  1. If he rarely uses Whatsapp, you should not be blocked. In this case, check regularly throughout the week. If you don’t notice any changes, such as. B. the presence or absence of a profile picture you may have already seen, then you have the answer you were looking for: John has blocked you out.
  2. If John uses WhatsApp several times a day, the answer is obvious: They’re blocked.

So the more you can combine this data, the better you can answer the question:

Who blocked me on WhatsApp?

Therefore, this method provides an SM of 90-99%.

5. Group techniques to be 100% sure, but beware

These effects are valid for determining who blocked you, but they leave 1% uncertainty. It’s still good, but Wasap Ninja, a Spanish site, has published a tip to know with absolute certainty who has blocked you.

The answer is very simple. If all suspicions point to you being blocked, you can proceed to a final test.

Some consider using this method alone and letting others through, but the risk of getting caught then becomes too great. We’ll cover this in detail when you see how to find someone who has blocked you using groups.

Let’s do a quick recap.

What happens if someone blocks you on WhatsApp?

  • The messages you send never reach the recipient
  • You cannot make phone calls
  • You cannot see your status update, your last view, or changes to your profile picture.

However, these indicators do not guarantee that you will be able to find out who has blocked you.

It takes more than that to be safe.

  1. You can open WhatsApp and create a new group.
  2. Find the suspicious contact and try to add him/her to the created group.
  3. If you are not blocked, the contact is added to the group normally.
  4. If you are blocked, you will receive the message You are not allowed to add this contact. This definitely means you’re blocked.

In short, you can only add a group of contacts that have not yet decided to block you.

Frankie’s opinion:

Be careful: This technique gives you absolute certainty that you have been banned, but you run the risk of being sued based on unfounded suspicion.

If the suspect did not block you and was added to the dummy group, they will want to know why you added them.

For this reason, and to avoid falling into the trap, it is advisable to use other strategies before trying to apply this one, to make sure your suspicions are as well-founded as possible.

Bonus method: Use of WhatsApp tracker (RC 100%)

If you suspect that your partner has not informed you about his illicit affair, you can always install mSpy on his phone.

Frankie’s opinion:

mSpy is the most popular spy application for Android, Windows and Apple devices. You can see everything that happens on your device in real time.

Can you unlock it?


Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to unlock yourself. The best thing you can do is contact your friend by phone and ask what is going on.


At last our paths part and I hope you have learned everything you needed to know in this guide.

I don’t want you to miss anything, so just to be sure, let me quickly go over what we’ve seen in this guide.

In the beginning, I showed you 5 effective ways to know if you are blocked on WhatsApp – and they are:

  1. Technology Last seen (RC 45%)
  2. Profile photography equipment (RC 65%)
  3. Single tick technique (RC 55%)
  4. Near perfect technology (RC 90-99%)
  5. Group technique (RC 100%, but be careful)

In addition to these options, I offer you a completely safe James Bond method that lets you know with 100% certainty whether you are blocked on WhatsApp or not: mSpy. This program works on iPhones and Androids and can connect to your WhatsApp profile and spy on your conversations. Would you like to know more? Read my guide on how mSpy works and how to install it in less than three minutes.

Before you go, let me give you some advice: Check other messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger or iMessage.

In most cases, if a user blocks you on WhatsApp, they also block you on Facebook Messenger and Instagram. This guide provides information on how to find out for sure.

Now it’s time to go for real.

If you have any doubts or questions about what you’ve learned here, feel free to send me your comments below so I can help you. Come back soon.

Let’s embrace it,

PS – One of the reasons someone blocks you on WhatsApp is because they have something to hide. Find out what options are available to you. You should read my guide on how to spy on WhatsApp and read conversations.

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