How to find the house with the red chimney in Resident Evil Village

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The first Resident Evil game was released in 1996, and was a huge success in the video game world. The game has been remade and ported into several other platforms since then, and a few sequels have been released. One of the most important aspects about this game is that it has a series of puzzles that can only be solved by collecting items, and using them in the right place. The house with the red chimney is one of the major puzzles in Resident Evil, and can be found in the village area of the game.

After the fight with Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village, you have some work to do. The next part of your journey starts in a small house with a save point inside, where you’ll find a note saying that someone has completed a certain project and now needs to bring it to a village house with a red chimney. The playhouses are not marked, so it can be difficult to find them.

You’ll have to wait a little longer for that. The game formally gives you this quest after you talk to Duke and go through the area where you talk to an old woman, destroy some Lycans and return to the village.

The only clue Duke gives is the house west of town. Go down to the village and you will come to the middle of a town called Maid of War. Right in front of the statue is a blue door that you can use. Go through there and down the alley. You will hear a window break, and if you walk through, you will see that the door you need to use is locked.


You need to go to the house to the left of the door, on the second floor. On the table is a note saying that you, the previous occupant, used a hole in the wall to explore a house with a chimney that you must find. Go to the other end of the house and you’ll find a wooden statue of an animal that you need to pick up before you leave. You can now unlock the previously closed gate and enter the barn through the closed door. There’s a Lycan on the other side. Accept it and move on.

In the next area, a tractor is blocking your way and you need to put something in the jack to make it move. You must follow the path to the left of the tractor. Of course, you have to follow the path to the door that says Do Not Enter. Pull open the lock and go to the area called Workshop. You want to enter the house on the left side of the entrance.


There’s a picture inside and a note on the back: Look out your window. If you look out the window, you will see a number written on the middle window sill. There are four numbers on the outside, and if you line them up, they match the combination of the lock in the house. But when you look out the window, a Lycan jumps out at you. Finish the Lycan and take the code, which is 070408. The box contains a jack handle and a 1911 pistol.

When you leave the workshop, there will be four Lycans waiting for you. You can lure them to the workshop and destroy them one by one. When finished, return to the tractor and use the jack handle to move it. Then you have to crawl under the tractor and fight some Lycans on the other side.

You have to go down the alley and turn left. There, a trio of Lycans and one heavily armed with huge knives await you. We recommend shooting normal Lycans with a shotgun and a pistol, and using a sniper rifle against Lycans with blades. You don’t want to be around that creature. Once they are destroyed, go the rest of the way and find the door where you can get the key for the Iron Badge. This will open a door that leads you to the roof, and the house with the red chimney is on your left.


If you jump next to the house with the red chimney, you can unlock the front door to connect it to the War Maiden statue area.

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