How To Fix Android Device Showing Unread SMS Messages

How many times have you looked at your device to see that there was a message ready to be read, and when you went to your inbox, you discovered that you had already read all the messages? Tired of false alarms? It can be difficult to determine when a real message is coming in, as you may think it’s just your device misbehaving. While these fake notifications aren’t really a problem for users, it can be downright frustrating to see your phone display so many unread messages, even though you know you’ve read them all.

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Android device displays unread SMS messages

Many users wonder how to get rid of these fake notifications. unread messages. Many Android owners have the same problem, but with some variations. Let’s see what to do if your Android device shows unread SMS.

Unfortunately, this type of error seems to be quite persistent, and most of our readers have found that simply restarting the phone does not solve the problem. So, if you get a notification that you have an unread message and you have read all the messages, try the following solutions.

Steps to resolve unread text messages on Android devices

Solution 1: Delete provider information (Samsung devices only)

The icon provider is the system application that controls how message notifications appear on your device’s screen. If for some reason your device displays an incorrect number of unread messages, the badge provider may be at fault. To solve the problem, delete the data files and restart the device. No important data will be lost by deleting the data files of the badge trigger. The application is only available on Samsung devices. So, if you are using a different device, you should try the other solutions below.

  • Go to the Device Settings menu
  • Click on the application manager
  • Swipe left to display the All tab.
  • Scroll down to find the symbol provider.
  • Click on the Delete Data button.
  • Select OK

Now restart the device and check if the false alarms have disappeared. If your problem is resolved, the badge vendor’s data files are the cause. The mistake can lead to bad behavior.

Solution 2: Delete RAM

An easy way to solve the problem is to clear the RAM memory of the device. The only problem is that readers have noticed that the problem recurs after a while. This is a quick but temporary solution to the problem.

You need to open the Task Manager application. If you are using a Samsung, you can open it by long pressing the Home key. Then click on the Task Manager icon.

Then press RAM and then Memory Clear to fix the problem.

Solution 3: Delete cache and data files formessages

By deleting the cache and data files, you eliminate all errors and problems that may have damaged these files. In most cases, errors on the device occur due to corrupted files.

  • Select Application Management from the Settings menu.
  • Now swipe left to go to the All tab.
  • Search for posts in this area and click on them.
  • Press ForceStop on the next screen.
  • Now click the Clear Cache button to delete the files from the cache.
  • Then click on Delete Data
  • You will find a warning message. Press the OK button and delete the data

Deleting the data will not delete any of your posts, so don’t worry. Restart the device and check if the problem is solved.


Solution 4: Change Developer Settings

One solution that has worked for some readers is to clean up the actions in your device’s development options.

  • Call up the device settings menu
  • Click on Developer Options
  • Now search for Do Not Hold activities

Uncheck this box and restart the device. This should solve your problem.

frequently asked questions

Why is my phone showing unread messages?

If your Android is constantly alerting you to new messages or unread messages that don’t even exist, it’s usually due to data cached or stored by your email app. Sometimes these problems are solved automatically when you receive a new message. So first try asking someone to send you a message.

Why does Messenger indicate that I have an unread message, when this is not the case?

These system notifications from Facebook can often cause a problem that causes an icon with unread messages to appear in the Facebook mobile application. This annoying problem is often caused by the use of emoticons, feelings and emotions on Facebook.

How to reset SMS settings on Android?

You can’t send SMS and…

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