We invite you to put your gadgets aside and join us for an old-fashioned board game while we basically stay home during the pandemic. You will enjoy this break no matter which game you prefer. We’ve collected our favorite board games covering all the popular genres. On this page you will find the perfect board games for kids and families, as well as adult board games suitable for older family members.
⦁ Scrabble:
Scrabble word search is a very popular word game. It’s like a giant jumble of words with endless possibilities. To start, someone must receive a number of wooden letter tiles, each with a different point value. You’ll immediately start exploring the letter tiles and see what word combinations you can find to play the most point words. The game ends when a player has used up all his chips and the points are counted, but the real winner is the one with the most points.
⦁ Chess:
When a game lasts as long as chess (almost 1500 years!), you know it’s worth playing. In this classic two-player game, you and your opponent have 16 pieces to move on a 64-square board, ending with your opponent’s king piece. Pawns, rooks, bishops, knights, queens and kings are all pieces, and each has its own rules of movement. We find it helpful to have a checklist handy.
⦁ Dominos:
Dominoes are the perfect game for all ages, so grab your grandma and a domino set and go! There are many games you can play with dominoes, but one of our favorites is Mexican Railway. In this game a large tile with a double number lies on the station in the middle of the table. From that point on, almost every player controls their own domino, where the end of each domino must match the end of the domino before it.
⦁ Falls and ladders:
The ladder and stairs board has 100 squares and shows a sequence of ladders and slides. Each rung of the ladder represents a positive action and its associated reward, while each fall represents the negative consequences of bad behavior. Each player starts the game on the first square, and the roulette wheel determines the distance he can travel from there. If you’re smart, you’ll go to the bottom of the stairs, which you can climb to reach other rooms.
⦁ Strategy:
Stratego is a game in the style of Napoleon’s Capture-the-Flag. In this game of war maneuvering for two, players place the 40 game pieces in random order. There are 12 different types of parts, each with its own function that must be taken into account when setting up. Once all the pieces are in place, the game begins. You enter enemy territory in search of the enemy flag. There are explosives to throw you off balance and agents to spy on the enemy.
Parents or friends sitting in a circle throwing dice, playing cards or sliding playing pieces across the board to see who wins is the perfect way to spend time and share precious moments together.

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frequently asked questions

What is the oldest board game in history?

Royal Ur is the oldest board game in the world. It originated about 4,600 years ago in ancient Mesopotamia. The rules of the game were written by a Babylonian astronomer in 177 BC. Chr. Chr. written on a cuneiform tablet.

What is the oldest game in the world?

Some historians believe that Mancala is the oldest game in the world, based on archaeological findings in Jordan dating back to about 6000 BC. Chr. It is possible that this game was played by the ancient Nabataeans and is an early version of modern Mancala.

What is the oldest game known to man?

Among the oldest games discovered are backgammon, go and lubo, two traditional Chinese games. But the oldest board game known to mankind is a game called Senet. ‘ Seneth was set in Predynastic Egypt and has been dated to about 3100 BC. Chr.

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