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Suspenders are another fashion item that always goes out of style over the decades.

There was a time when they were just required to keep men’s pants on at work. They are also an integral part of men’s fashion, both casual and formal.

At some point braces came into fashion. No one cares if the pants are high enough to wear over the shoulders.

Nowadays, most people agree that it is a cool accessory. Boys and girls wear them for a variety of outfits, most of which have become available to our Sims through CC!

1. Fiero Suspension

Look at this CC

It is indeed tragic that this view is not widespread.

I don’t care if it looks like something out of Little House on the Prairie clothing.

Tight shirt up to the elbows, tight pants and braces? Yes, this combination would work well for any simulation.

There are many color combinations, ranging from ancient to very modern.

Dark colors like brown or gray work well for men in the early years of the decade’s challenge, while lighter patterns make any Sim look well-dressed no matter the era.

You can also change it at any time.

When I saw this, I was inspired to do a wrestling country musician in Brindleton Bay!

2. T-shirt hanger

Look at this CC

Marvinsims has come up with a slightly different way to give pillows to your Sims.

The pants are not attached, so you can wear a pair of suspenders and finish off with whatever you want!

This opens up many possibilities, because depending on the pants you choose, other shoes will fit you better.

With a pair of short jeans and sneakers, you can really elevate your hipster credentials. You can also stay classic by wearing dark pants and boots.

I’m obsessed with the twelve monsters.

Flannel, jeans and chic shirts for my friend Sims, with very nice detailed straps ? Yes, please.

3. Candy Hanger Dress

Look at this CC

Men couldn’t be more pleased when it comes to wrinkles. Women’s clothing offers even more possibilities when it comes to straps, as there are many ways to combine them with dresses or skirts.

Simmer WAEKEY has made an example of that with this charming CC tuck dress.

It’s a brilliant idea that’s becoming increasingly popular.

Everyone, including Sims, can go to the freedom of the dress without worrying about it falling off. As long as the straps stay on your shoulders, everything is fine!

And the quality of this network can’t be infuriating enough.

Everything is very fluid and perfect.

The shirt under the dress is almost as cute as the dress itself and comes in bright colors with a heart shaped sticker.

4. Suspended leggings

Look at this CC

This is a sportier look, with suspenders attached to cargo pants.

At least I think so – probably somewhere between cargo pants and sweatpants?

Whatever you want to call them, this is a great streetwear outfit.

The Puma top also adds to the sporty aesthetic.

There are sixteen samples here, so no matter what your taste is, there’s sure to be something that fits your sim.

This is not to say that the creators of CC don’t take the trouble to give us many examples.

I understand that the CAS items that come with the packages have a limited number of color options to make the game run smoother, but hey….. I added a few CC downloads anyway to fill in the gaps.

And if you love braces as much as I do, this is a worthy addition to your mod folder!

5. Trousersuit with high trousers

Look at this CC

Participating in LGBT pride is a source of pride for many people.

I know I’m going to give you some groundbreaking information.

This iconic rainbow has become a symbol of strength and community for millions of people, so it’s no surprise that it has found a home in The Sims.

Some time ago, we received official content with a patch. But if there’s one thing we could all use in this game, it’s pride of place.

Creator DarkNighTt has blessed us with not only that, but braces for pride!

This outfit is great: the shorts and sleeveless shirt are cool enough, but the rainbow striped suspenders blow it all out of the water.

Suit and braces

Look at this CC

If you think about it, suspenders can be the most versatile accessory.

Depending on the style you choose, they can be part of your outfit for a party, funeral, date night and everything in between.

Can you say that about any other garment?

I mean, most things don’t really depend on color alone. Heels are heels, the cut of most dresses determines what functions they are appropriate for, and the length of tops determines what situations they are appropriate for.

I really think I’ve got something here.

There is no doubt that these straps from CC bukovka are super cute and will be a great choice for your sim party outfit. Or maybe a choice for their casual wear if they are very cool.

They come in a variety of colorful patterns, and the included T-shirts have a rich, bright design unlike anything we’ve seen before in the game.

7. T-shirt with hangers

Look at this CC

Here we have a much more casual version of a man’s fold.

They’re adorned with loose graphic T-shirts, and overall it’s an unexpected but appreciated look.

It’s a kind of appeal of opposites – the combination of typically fashionable suspenders with casual, loose shirts.

I especially like that the shirts can be easily pressed against the hanging clips at the bottom.

It just adds something special, because your Sim’s clothes usually always fit perfectly, without wrinkles or frills.

8. Skirt with hangers

Look at this CC

You can use this pleated skirt with just about anything!

This requires accessory tops, which means that if you don’t want your Sim to walk around in anything but her skirt and bra, you’ll need to find accessory CC tops.

I think it’s worth it.

This skirt is so beautiful and comes in many colorful patterns.

The ability to choose your own top shows how many different things you can combine a culottes with. The turtlenecks, tops and t-shirts would all look great!

9. Dental equipment

Look at this CC

These suspenders are part of a classic ensemble for your Sim boys, which consists of a long-sleeved shirt and suit pants.

Every model you see here is guaranteed to increase your Sim’s beauty factor by at least 100 times.

They say white goes with everything, and that’s pretty clear when you look at the pants that go with it here.

Black, grey, two plaids and a small herringbone pattern are just some of the options available here. This outfit will make your Sim the most presentable person they will ever be in their life.

10. Suspended skirt with top edge

Look at this CC

I’ve talked many times about the many ways a person (or sim) can wear a tucked-in skirt.

And the CC hrimsimi designer presented another option – with a crop top!

These elegant skirts made me realize how empty my Sims’ closets were without them.

And this SS offers a great way to show off your upper body without going too crazy.

The plaid pattern on these skirts is also super cool. With a cut like that, every Sim is about to become a fashion icon.

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