Super Animal Royale Milestone Completionist Guide –

In this guide, you will learn how to disguise all the normal and secret levels of the Super Anime Royale game. We also give you tips on how to get them easily.

Before continuing, please note that this guide may contain spoilers about the game. Read on at your own risk. Without further ado, let’s get to work.

Super Animal King’s Handbook completed Level

We will separate each milestone by category, for example. B. Statistics, weapons, themes, and important events in history.



  • 5 games to unlock the green onion tie
  • 25 Games to unlock the blue bow tie
  • 50 games to unlock the orange bow tie
  • 100 games to unlock the purple bow tie
  • 250 games to unlock the ribbon mar mar mar mar mar
  • 500 sets of white fly releases
  • 750 games to unlock the black bow tie

Play the round from start to finish, win or die. Falling out in the middle of the game does not count for this stage.


  • 1 game to unlock the inner ring
  • 19 Game to unlock the crown

Win solo, in pairs or in teams.


  • Reach level 10 to unlock the revelation of the jewel.
  • Reach level 50 to unlock the SAW helmet.
  • Reach level 100 to unlock the rebel helmet.
  • Reach level 200 to unlock the SAW security uniform.
  • Reach level 300 to unlock the Sword of the Rebellion.

Several times in a row. Spending is rewarded at the end of the game or by completing daily or weekly tasks.


  • Obtain 10 kills to unlock the green tie.
  • Make 50 kills to unlock the blue tie.
  • Make 100 kills to unlock the orange tie.
  • Get 250 kills to unlock the purple tie.
  • Get 500 kills to unlock the brown tie.
  • Reach 1000 kills to unlock the white tie.
  • Get 2,000 kills to unlock the black tie.
  • Get 5000 kills to unlock the Red Eye.

Kill many players in each game mode.

Destruction Destruction

  • Destroy 2500 crates to unlock the shovel.

A lot of boxes get broken. B-5, E-6 and E-4 have a lot of drawers to remove.

Distance travelled (km)

  • Drive 100 km to unlock the safari hat.
  • Drive 250 km to unlock the Safari shirt.
  • Travel 500 km to unlock the rack routine

A lot of walking. Travelling in a hamster ball, riding an emu or a super cat is essential to get through this phase.

Super Spring Rollers

  • Roll 1,000 times to unlock the green roller windows.
  • Make 5,000 throws to unlock the red hubcaps.
  • Perform 10,000 throws to unlock the equipment.

Make lots of super sandwiches. It’s time for your buns to get a little boost.

The cliffs of Mole

  • Open the 5 moth drawers to release the drawer shaft.
  • Open 20 moth boxes to unlock the shovel.

Open a lot of mole cases. When a mole appears on the map, a message is briefly displayed along with a marker indicating its position on the map.


  • Use 1 fire to unlock the marshmallow wand.
  • Use 25 fires to unblock the spout of the burnt marshmallow.
  • Use 150 fires to unlock a stick of fried marshmallow.

Use lots of campfires. Your health must be below 100 (not blue) to activate the fire. Used fires (burnt logs) may not be rekindled.

Pili Health Juice

  • Consume 1000 health juices to unlock the health tea.
  • Consume 5000 health juices to unlock the medical helmet.
  • Consume 10,000 healthy juices to unlock the juice stop.

Drink lots of healthy juices. Lifeblood can be found by exploring areas, killing players, opening crates and cutting grass.

Eating coconut

  • Eat 75 coconuts to unlock the coconut tea.
  • Eat 150 coconuts to unlock the pinball shirt.
  • Eat 750 coconuts to unlock Hula’s coconut rock.

Look for sandy areas or beaches with palm trees, then press E on the coconut to eat it.

Moon mushrooms

  • Chew 75 mushrooms to unlock the mushroom shirt.
  • Bite 75 mushrooms to open the mushrooms screen.
  • Crack 600 mushrooms to unlock the mushroom cap.

Look for green pines, dense forests, green splashes or large rocks to find green mushrooms, then press E on them.

Super Tape used

  • Use 10 tapes to unlock the Super Tape Tee.
  • Use 100 tapes to unlock the super ribbon jacket.

Repair broken or damaged armor with supertape. They can be found in boxes, in the grass, etc.

The enemy’s armor is broken.

  • Penetrate 100 enemy armor to unlock a military helmet.
  • Destroy 250 pieces of enemy armor to unlock Kamo’s helmet.
  • Destroy 500 pieces of enemy armor to unlock rags.

Break many armors of enemy players. Guns sell 3 points of protection, magnums 2 points, and everything else (except the Dognas dart gun) 1 point. When you shoot players at close range with a shotgun, you almost instantly rip apart any armor.

Death by skunk bomb

  • Do 50 damage with the skunk bomb to unlock Bob T’s skunk.
  • Do 250 skunk bombs damage to unlock the skunk nose clip.
  • Do 1500 damage with Skunk Bomb to unlock Skunk Hat.

Does damage with stink bombs to players who are in his gas.

lawn mowing

  • 300 Cutting the grass to release the sickle
  • Cut 3000 herbs to unlock the big sickle.
  • Cut 20,000 herbs to unlock the scythe.

Cut a lot of grass with your melee weapon. Tariff reduction is also relevant to this milestone.

fail to land

  • Make a failed landing to unlock the blue parachute suit.
  • Make 10 failed landings to unlock the red parachute suit.
  • Make 30 failed landings to unlock the parachute helmet.

Faceblunt, skydiving to the ground. After a super eagle jump, press E to switch to parachute jump mode, but do not unfold the parachute again. You don’t lose health points if you don’t land, but you are stunned for a short time.

Scarecrow destroyed

This is a secret step in the game.

  • Destroy a scarecrow to unlock the straw hat.
  • Destrong 9 Scarecrow Outfit to unlock Scarecrow

Break out the scarecrows. They can be found in the wheat and pumpkin fields around the farm.

Team care (HP)

  • Cure 300 life points from your team to unlock the syringe.
  • Heal 3,000 of your team’s health to unlock Doctor Hardware.

Fight friendly teammates with the Dognas dart gun in duo, team or S.A.W. mode against the rebellion. If a teammate is injured, shoot him with an arrow gun to heal him.

Shooting at the gallery target

Shoot at the targets on the stand behind the bleachers (the ones with the big numbers) with each gun.

Hit the gallery target with an arc.

As above, but with an onion.

Be a destination for the gallery

being shot by an opposing player behind the bleachers during the shootout. In all three galleries, these stages can only be earned during the game, not in the pre-game lobby.


Kill X number of players with the weapon you are using to unlock the following weapon skins:

  • Level 1 unlocks the orange skin.
  • Level 2 unlocks the green skin
  • Level 3 unlocks the blue skin
  • Level 4 unlocks the red skin
  • Level 5 unlocks the purple skin.
  • Level 6 shows yellow skin.
  • Level 7 unlocks the pink skin
  • Level 8 unlocks the white skin

For specific advice on how and when to use them, I recommend consulting the weapons’ manuals.


Duos/quads win

  • Win 10 matches to unlock Punch Kiss.

Win a few matches as a duo or team. If you’re a solo player (like me), you can turn on the No-fill option and try to win a duo or squad solo.

Super Chicken Winner

  • Win the game as Super Chicken.

Super Turkey Winner

  • Win the game as a super turkey.

Pacifist Victory (Solo)

  • Win the game without taking damage. Keep the gap as wide as possible, watch out for level 3 and cut level armor, and stock up on bananas for the final rounds. If you are still struggling to reach this stage, you can consult the many pacifist guides.

Melee victory only (solo)

  • Win the game by inflicting damage only in melee. The launch of The Pacifist also opens this milestone.

Unarmed Victory (Solo)

  • Win the game without equipping armor. Use hamster balls or emus for the tray of damage you get.

Melee Kills

  • Kill 10 people man to man to unlock Hatchet.
  • Kill 50 people man to man to unlock the axe.
  • Make 100 kills in hand-to-hand combat to unlock the Tomahawk.

Kill a lot of players with your melee weapons. Destroying players with a gun and destroying players in melee count towards this milestone. Hamster balls and emus don’t count as melee enemies.


  • Crush 10 players with a hamster ball to unlock swag glasses.
  • Race against 25 players with a hamster ball to unlock Emoji (Rock and Roll).

Move many players with the hamster ball. Look for long vertical lanes and go back and forth from one end to the other, and you’ll eventually run into an unsuspecting player.

The emu kills

  • Kill 5 emu players to unlock the rancher hat.
  • Kill 10 Emu players to unlock the Rancher equipment.

Killing emu players. As a driver, click the left mouse button to attack.

Murder by grenade

  • Kill 5 players with a grenade to unlock the grenade step.

Kill multiple players with the explosion of a grenade.

Slipped banana fiends

  • Use 15 bananas to escape the enemies and unlock the banana tea.
  • Use the 50 bananas to escape the enemies and unlock the banana shirt.
  • Use 100 bananas to escape the enemies and unlock the banana bank.

Have a player from the opposing team slide over your banana peel. Placing banana peels behind unopened mole boxes, loot stacks, or tight corners virtually guarantees that a player will slip.

Don’t dance!

This is a secret step in the game.

  • Dancing in front of the board No dancing in the Welcome Center during the game (not in the lobby before the game). You must use a dance emote to reach this stage, as stripping, swinging, etc. do not count.

Sperling gets caught up in the game

  • Hit 5 sparrows in a match to unlock the brown archery equipment.
  • Beat 10 sparrows in a single game to unlock the green archer outfit.
  • Beat 20 sparrows in a game to unlock the bowtie hat.

Hitting players multiple times in the same game with barrage weapons. Hitting a sparrow that lands on the same player counts towards this step. If you’re having trouble doing this, use your bow and shoot at bots or players with low charges. Low load = less damage and more arrows to pick up.

Dancing in the rain

This is a secret step in the game.

  • Dancing while it rains. It must be an emigrant dancing.


All milestones in this section are secret.

Rent the banana.

  • Located in G-2 and H-2. Inside the mountain there is a narrow passage behind some boxes. When she enters the room, there’s a banana temple and a bowl in front of her. Throw a banana on it to activate the trap and unlock this level as well.

Advice for Donk

  • Located in a small room with velvet ropes next to the barn on the right side of E-6. There is a tip basket just under the big chair. Throw him a banana to open this important step.

I’ve found the SASR safe house

  • Located in an open space b ig with crates and hay bales in the barn in E-6. At the back of this room, in the upper right corner, is a switch hidden behind a pair of drawers. Step on it to unlock the part behind and this step. This will not work if the room is already open.

Dart (not a) rat

  • Located in C-3, adjacent to the open space in the mountain. Shoot the rat with the Dogna arrow gun to unlock this level. Killing with another weapon doesn’t count.

Dr Dogna’s secret laboratory.

  • Located in C-3 and C-4. Talk to Dogna in the pre-game hall under the fountain (keep talking to her until the dialogue stops), then go to the pyramid during the game and find three buttons inside. Press all three to open the secret lab at the top right of the pyramid, then talk to Dogna inside to unlock this stage.

The first super-skull costume

  • Located in C-4. Next to the sphinx is a button; press it to open the passage inside. Then press E on the tomb and talk to the skull cat until the end of his dialogue to open this stage.

And that’s it! Let us know in the comments below if there are missing steps, bugs, or details that need clarification, and I’ll try to respond and update. We want to thank Colley for this great tutorial.

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