That’s Not Wrestling #3: Matt & Nick, The Hardy Soyz

Let’s be honest, the word “Soyz” is a bit misleading. The Hardy-Soyz are not the Hardy brothers, nor are they soybeans. In fact, “Soyz” is a nickname for “soy” beans, although the beans themselves do not bear any resemblance to Matt Hardy or his brother. But that’s not why wrestling fans enjoy Matt & Nick’s matches together. They enjoy their matches together because they are entertaining and frequently filled with athleticism.

In a recent edition of That’s Not Wrestling, we discussed the early careers of Matt & Nick, where we left off on their independent circuit before they moved to TNA. So this article will focus on the time they spent at TNA, and how they became the Hardy Soyz we all know and love today.

“That’s Not Wrestling” is the brainchild of a man named Daniel Brown. Daniel, who is a fan of the “Madden NFL” video game, decided to produce a series of videos on YouTube (which he calls “vids”, which is apparently some sort of slang term I don’t recognize) where he provided voiceover commentary for people playing the “Madden” game.

This Is Not Wrestling #3: Matt and Nick, Hardy Soise


word-image-6361 Welcome and thank you for coming! A few years ago, it seemed the planets were aligned for a fantastic change in professional wrestling. Everyone was talking about a shiny new promotion with a TV contract and serious, athletic wrestling. Finally, the life of the modern wrestling fan, who had to eat shit and learn to love the taste, was over. Or is it? We meet here every Thursday to deconstruct the actions of stupid, dangerous and desperate people in the pro….. struggle. At least at AEW. word-image-6362 While I’m still working on two years of AEW historical material, That’s Not Wrestling is wandering between the latest episode of Dynamite and something from my big bag. In the spotlight this week: two of the most attacked faces of the pro…. struggle and for all the wrong reasons!


Nick and Matt Jackson’s journey has evolved from two brothers who played in the backyard as The Hardy Boyz, to what many indie wrestling fans consider the best, to starring in their own YouTube show, and most recently, in Tony Khan’s prize draw and on AEW. word-image-6363 Credit Matt Jackson First. He puts on a natural face, and it works like a charm now that they’re pretending to wrestle. Congratulations also to Nick Jackson, who looks older and cooler every week. I mean, it seems like he started puberty not too long ago. …. Unless, of course, he wears his Alice band and denies his hairline. As I always try to balance these issues, I will say that the Young Bucks are not without some merit. Even Matt can claim to be a great athlete and gymnast, even though he’s a terrible professional wrestler. Both Bucks can do the flips, jumpers and circles as well as anyone. But that doesn’t mean they can have a good wrestling match. They have found a great platform for their show on YouTube and like to mimic what they do when they appear as themselves in wrestling video games. word-image-6364 Everyone gives their all from the bell and goes through all the hardships to get to the race. The audience plays only a limited role in the action, except to satisfy the egos of the monkeys who orient themselves when they find a landing spot. The games are indistinguishable from each other and are quickly forgotten. Until recently, almost every game the Young Bucks played was 10-20 minutes too long, ended five times each, and had too many near falls. They have videos showing how they turn off just about everything twice. Note that this week at Dynamite they almost had a good match with a reasonable finish. But they couldn’t help themselves and used the spray a few more times before they figured it out. I wonder why this keeps happening when more and more people on the roster understand what a good tag team match is. This is also the problem with individual games. I wonder who else enjoys this short-sighted transfer …? word-image-6365 That’s it! That, of course, is the problem. One of the other vice presidents is Final Fantasy 7 cosplayer Kenny Omega. The last EVP is (as usual) minding his own business, leaving only Khan’s cash cow. As we mentioned a few weeks ago, there is a certain way to crack Tony Khan to drop money and TV time, and it doesn’t take long for people to figure out the technique. Tony loves the high places, but not really traveling. This does not seem to be his area of expertise. I wonder how long harmony will last in the land of the elite? There are whispers that the EPPs have already met. Hardy Soyz closed its Twitter account when it began receiving numerous customer complaints about a year ago. She blamed the toxicity of the fans, not the fact that she heard constructive criticism and ridicule and went home crying. They clearly don’t like having a different opinion or hearing the word no. I don’t think it’s one of them. Keep trying, kids.

Good things

Last week, the Pack Orange drove Cassidy crazy with a strong bombing drive that led to a game-ending fumble. I’m glad it didn’t continue and get worse, especially with the ever-growing pile of wounded at AEW so far. It’s never too late to use your common sense and admit that wrestling isn’t just about hurting yourself (or someone else) to get attention. Let’s look at those who have been injured or sidelined so far. Fifteen injuries resolved in just four and a half months this year. …. At this rate, the number of injuries will easily surpass that of last year. The program was as simple as it could be. Imagine what would happen if they hit the road. I fear the worst…. – AEW Botches (@aewbotches) May 18, 2021 word-image-6366 @AEWBotches does a great job on Twitter. Let’s hope AEW notices him before he runs out of talent. But for now – fingers crossed! It’s taken two years, but it seems AEW is starting to get advice from people who have been through it before. They will continue to deny and accuse some elders of being aloof and malicious, but some fundamentals may become clear. Production meetings, protecting the health of the staff, and refusing to turn every match into an epic clash between Sean Michaels and Bret Hart is going in the right direction.

Dynamite of the week

Christian and Matt Sydal had a good start. It seemed like a match, didn’t last too long and ended as soon as Christian did his finishing move; good stuff. More, please. Promos fromEddie Kingston and John Moxley yielded nothing, but they did steal the unnecessarily expensive boots of Young Buck after knocking them out at the end of the show. word-image-6367 TheMax Caster is very interesting in and outside the ring. I haven’t seen much of him yet, but I can’t wait to see what he has to say or do. The same goes for Anthony Ogogo. We saw him destroy Austin Gunn with minimal effort. AEW reports that Gunn will be out 8-10 weeks due to an injury sustained in his fight with Ogogo. Let’s hope this monster isn’t destroyed by Cody Rhodes and that stupid Britannia vs America angle he pushed them both into. Miro became Beast Man (at least for me), and the 30. In May, he will compete with Lance Archer for the TNT title at the Double or Nothing tournament. But before that, Miro will retain his title against Dante Martin in round 28. Dynamite’s episode defends. It’s one thing if Miro is performing for the title defense, but no one thinks the title will change hands before the PPV, and Archer’s luck seems less impressive when people can just jump to his feet. word-image-6368 Kenny Omega talked for about ten minutes with Orange Cassidy , and it was about as useful as tits to a bull. While The Inner Circle stood in the ring to have their say, Chris Jericho reminded everyone that they already had the most brutal match ending feud, and now their escalation is leading to a Stadium Stampede match. It was obvious that there was going to be another Stadium Night Live skit, but there was no need to go from Blood & Guts to this nonsense.

Being processed

I know it seems like I’ve said enough positive things to be a little relaxed, but I’m not. Just because wrestling only happens occasionally doesn’t mean AEW should be silent. As I said in my review of WrestleMania Backlash, WWE giving airtime to Zombie was bad, very bad. It was a big, steaming turd in the middle of the show that yanked you out of the moment and killed any chance of escape for the rest of the event. But while anything that isn’t actual wrestling is ridiculous, WWE talents are trained to a certain level, which ensures consistent quality. I can’t believe that. AEW has no minimum training guarantees to fall back on. They prefer to spread their dirt like a garden sprinkler spreads small bits of water everywhere, by lowering the bar over the entire surface. word-image-6369 Half-hearted matches in which Kenny Omega spouts nonsense for ten minutes, Chris Jericho clings to his youth, Cody Rhodes sniffs his own fart, or Marco Stunt performs an obviously choreographed routine do little to improve the overall product. I’m generous too. Usually the matches are just as mediocre, and in the case of the out of shape Luther, they’re just embarrassing to watch. So if something good comes along, it will stand out even more. Jim Ross , surprised that a wrestling match can start these days, always makes me smile. His passive aggression towards everything presented to him is one of the things I look forward to every week! That’s it for this week. Thank you for visiting. See you Monday at #AnotherWeekOfWrestling and next Thursday at #ThatsNotWrestling! The background was designed by Rachel Hope. Thanks for reading! Feel free to tweet, subscribe to my YouTube channel and/or discover other topics I write about: word-image-6370“That’s Not Wrestling #3: Matt & Nick, The Hardy Soyz” is a “WWE 2k18” mod featuring a modern day version of Matt and Jeff Hardy, the Hardy Soyz as they are known. They have their own entrance and Matt is wearing his iconic TNA attire, while Matt is wearing his WWE attire. The mod is great, and is worth downloading if you are a fan of real and fake wrestling.. Read more about wrastling south park and let us know what you think.

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