The Best Black Mage Trusts in Final Fantasy XI –

If there’s one thing players learn about FFXI, it’s that you have to be prepared.

This often means having as wide a range of trusts as possible.

Black Mage trusts are significantly less popular than the other types (with the exception of the first trust on this list) due to their often intrusive AI and inconsistent MP management.

However, there are times when you encounter a situation that can only be resolved by magic damage. So, having options is a good thing.

5. Adelheid

Adelheid deserves a special place on this list because of her abilities as both an offensive pitcher and a supporting player.

As a scientist, she has access to both white and black magic, which she uses to cast single-use remedies and elemental cores.

It also has the ability to stun enemies. There will also be helicopters, a unique set of spells for scientists that do a lot of DoT damage.

Although she cannot control her own PM, she uses the dark arts.

But don’t worry, their healing abilities are in no way affected by black magic!

Their unique weapon abilities come in the form of blinding, stunting, or blocking micropipes that can sometimes cause debuffs that fit their name – and are also AoE!

She can also do magic and ride around in helicopters. Expect significant DoT damage if he succeeds.

The biggest drawback is his fixation on casting elemental spells that fit the current era. This can often work to the advantage or disadvantage of the players, depending on the circumstances.

4. Kayel-Payel

Kayeel-Payeel has a lot of fast action, meaning he can cast spells quickly.

This can be very useful for many reasons. But he often makes good use of his ability to explode like magic.

He has a wide range of dark magic at his disposal, from single or multiple target spells to ancient spells that allow him to inflict AoE damage.

Kayeel-Payeel also possesses the very rare weapon Tartarus Torpor, which deals dark damage, defends magic damage, evades magic, and puts enemies to sleep.

The best part? This is AoE!

It also has benefits and gets an 8MP/panel upgrade after use. He will tend to use Tartar Torpor if his MP is low.

His biggest weaknesses are his poor MP management and his occasional use of Sunburst instead of Tartarus Torpor, which only exacerbates his dwindling MP quota in longer fights.

3. Robel-Akbel

This magician with the black bandage deserves special mention for his effectiveness in Parliament.

He can do black and one-time spells – yes, that gives him AoE potential.

He is more likely to cast spells that target his opponent’s weaknesses, and he is more likely to use weapon skills that restore his MP, such as Ghost Hunter and Zero Strike. Although sometimes he uses his third weapon skill, Sphere of Tranquility, to his own detriment.

Fortunately, he also has occult clairvoyance, which gives him a TP every time he turns on a Nuke to increase the frequency of his weapon’s firing.

Being fairly intelligent, he will often try to break the chain of magic with -aja spells that target his opponent’s weaknesses, and will occasionally try to double magic – but often fails due to his slow spells.

2. Ullegor

Ullegor is a powerful and intelligent mage.

His main asset is his very high MP pool, which puts him far above the other black mages on this list.

The prize is a whopping 5,000 at the i 119 level!

Suffice to say, Ullegor takes much longer to complete his MP work than other trusts, making him a good choice as a spellcaster in long battles.

Basically, he tries to exploit the opponent’s weakness by throwing a Nuke at the only target he is weak to.

He also frequently uses Momento Mori, which significantly increases his magic attack. And he attributes this mainly to the fact that Comets are capable of doing a lot of damage.

There is also a perk in the form of a stun that he throws at enemies at regular intervals.

It is interesting to note that even if he is not dead, he can still be cured naturally, for example. B. by healing. So you don’t have to worry about your own fire.

1. Chantotto II

To say that Chantotto II is a step ahead of the black mags trust would be an understatement.

Usually she does the most damage and trusts the game!

She just has too much of a good thing.

Besides the fact that he almost never runs out of MP because he only performs level I Nukes, they are also very powerful. And because of his insane casting speed, he often does bursts per wand or doubles per wand with very high damage.

She will even use her TP to close skill chains if possible, since her good dose of weapons covers all possible skill chain elements.

Its one glaring weakness is the one it shares with all the other trusts on this list:

It can be quite fragile.

But despite her great strength, it’s a weakness she can afford.

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