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We all like to pretend we are something we are not.

I’m not talking about a lack of authenticity or individuality. We literally love to pretend – in awesome simulation games like Farming Simulator, Stardew Valley and many others.

While some of us tend to pretend to be unbiased researchers, others prefer more.

Some people just want to build skyscrapers in the Highrise project.

If you’re passionate about your job as a simulated high-rise manager, you want the busiest restaurants, the best amenities, and everything else that sets you apart from the competition.

Let’s take a look at some mods that can help you with this.

20. Offices for players

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Being a very good player – or a very addictive player – can really pay off these days. You should also participate by providing office space for these new entrepreneurs.

These player desks have slightly higher requirements than a normal desk, but are also paid a lot more for.

There are a few simple gaming chairs, a nice TV, gaming decorations, and even some free space for posters, artwork, or anything else you think might brighten up the room.

19. Skyscraper Basic Package

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The Highrise project is missing a few things that most of us would like to see in a skyscraper design.

And the skyscraper base package expands our realistic capabilities with a number of new elements for tall towers, such as a ground floor elevator shaft that carries all the utilities.

I think it’s fantastic and a comfortable way to walk.

18. Kramer

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Kramer is a disgusting, abusive animal, but for some reason we can’t look away from him.

The same goes for this image of Seinfeld’s eccentric girlfriend, Nina, then Jerry’s girlfriend, in The Letter, episode 21 of the show’s third season.

That’s great.

And it will add a rich 90s character to any room you want to hang it in.

It wasn’t until I hung this majestic piece of art that I felt my tower was complete.

17. Weapons store

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One would hope that a commercial tower full of offices would be a relatively peaceful place – but where money flows, violence also flows.

Better to invest in self-defense now than regret it later.

This armory has everything someone needs for basic self-defense in the halls, including shotguns, sniper rifles, machine guns, and more.

I’m not sure how safe it is to fill your towers with weapons. But this gun shop looks too cool to pass up.

16. Nooka Cola Machine

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Fans of the post-apocalyptic Fallout franchise know Nuka Cola, the most popular drink in the Wasteland.

And they’ll love this Nooka soft drink dispenser model for any tower in the Highrise project.

The flagship of Nuka-Cola Corp. is simply a symbol of American culture.

Just be careful with the bright new smells. They could be radioactive.

My only criticism of this mod is that by rejecting it, I’m technically saying that my tower exists in the Fallout universe. In this case, I’d rather dig than build!

15. Ophthalmology

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Every visitor to your tower is a story that needs to be told.

And the best place to get this information is in person.

It’s a little cramped, but for a former alcoholic cop, it’s enough as a base.

And it’s not the nicest place to visit either. But the people here are careful and efficient.

Visually, this dark space breaks the monotony of the small offices in the vanilla set.

14. Journalism and editorial office

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As long as there are people who can read, there will be a need for people who can write.

Contribute to the literacy of your tower by hosting journalists and writers in this way.

This simple office has a desk, a few reference books and a simple desktop computer – all you need to write content.

If they are there, chances are someone will write an article about how your tower is a great place to work. Everything is a business opportunity as a vertical real estate tycoon.

13. Yoga Studio

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With so many office workers in your skyscraper, sooner or later they’re going to have back pain.

Start taking preventative measures by hiring teachers for guided yoga and meditation classes.

This yoga studio is a healing place where people can connect and solve physical and mental problems.

Put enough in your tower and everyone will have a supple body and perfectly oxygenated blood.

12. Arcade

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Arcade games are great for entertaining youngsters, while older people can use them as a way to take a break from their children.

In any case, they are an excellent addition to any commercial tour.

I doubt they have anything as complex as Project Highlights in that arcade. But with classics like Q*bert and Street Fighter, attendees are sure to get their fill.

It’s a pretty lucrative business, which makes sense, given how easy it is to get coins out of a kid’s pocket.

11. Cinema

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Going to the movies is a great way to relax after work.

And with a few cinemas in your skyscraper, you can help your tenants settle in, while attracting more customers.

This cinema module has all the supports:

Overpriced popcorn, watered down sodas and hot dogs galore here!

Unfortunately, you can’t change the movie or anything else with this mod like you could in SimTower. But it’s still a great entertainment venue to add to your tour.

10. Black market trader

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Crime is a fact of life.

Whether it’s in the filthiest slums or the tallest skyscrapers, there’s always someone willing to break the law for a pretty penny.

If you’re an unscrupulous businessman like me, you’ll want to make a buck by providing office space for the smugglers to open a black-market business.

Profits are high, and you know your visitors and tenants are well taken care of to meet their non-legal needs.

9. Low polygon type

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Landscape paintings are one of the easiest and most elegant ways to decorate a commercial space, and these low-poly artworks are a fantastic modern version of this classic genre.

These images show four different biomes in a low polygon art style reminiscent of Campo Santo’s Firewatch.

Simple lines and strong colors make these four beautiful landscapes perfect for the Highrise aesthetic. They are quite large, but fit well into the environment of your tower.

8. Public toilets

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Nothing looks more like a novice architect than forgetting to provide your skyscraper with enough bathrooms.

That’s the point, man!

These public toilets are the perfect addition to a food court or other high-traffic area.

It’s not a good deal, but it fills a need. Not everyone who needed a toilet was aware of its importance.

People have to empty their bowels surprisingly often if you feed them Starbucks and McDonald’s regularly, you know?

7. McDonald’s Restaurant

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No serious business center in the first world is complete without everyone’s favorite international mega corporation, McDonald’s.

This greasy but delicious fast food restaurant offers your residents and visitors a cheap and reliable meal at the expense of their health.

It’s time to pick sizes and teach our kids terrible eating habits.

This restaurant will be more profitable in high-traffic areas and near elevators. Unfortunately, they only serve lunch and dinner.

What’s wrong with eating a hamburger before 10am?

6. Waffle House

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Nothing beats a classic, greasy American breakfast at the famous Waffle House chain.

It’s not like you’re limited to breakfast. Coffee, waffles, eggs and hash browns are available here at any time of the day. Open 24 hours a day!

Sure, it will be noisy and stinky, but at least it will smell good.

5. Starbucks Store

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A tower can only be successful if the tenants and all the passers-by manage their affairs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A little coffee can go a long way.

And what better place than Starbucks to serve the discerning customers on your tour?

This lot works well in high traffic areas, just like the real Starbucks. It’s pretty cost-effective, not too expensive to build, and your city folk will have beautiful frappuccinos and iced coffees to share on Instagram.

It’s free advertising!

4. Currency

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The Mint is the official government organization that prints the currency of this country.

They strive to keep their employees anonymous, and their activities are self-focused to avoid unwanted attention from criminals. So they will pay a lot of money for your small office space.

Each Mint office pays about 10,000 a day – and all they need is a small office, power, food service and coffee.

Aesthetically, it looks like what you would expect from a government office.

It is furnished with very formal furniture and lots of storage space.

3. Fancy escalators

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Automatic escalators were actually quite innovative when they were first introduced, and people often praised the overwhelming experience of climbing stairs.

I hope you will not encounter such problems with these fantastic escalators when you enjoy this handy machine.

This mod contains fantastic art objects that enhance the art style of the base game while blending in with the environment.

These escalators are a pleasure.

2. Covered terrace

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Spending a minute on the patio with friends or family can really take the stress out of a busy day. If you don’t have access to an outdoor patio, a covered patio will have to suffice.

This fantastic space creates an ideal atmosphere for informal gatherings and can be a very exclusive seating option when placed in a restaurant.

This decoration is well layered, so you can see the people behind the railing of glass and steel. This is a very high quality and neat mod!

1. Aquarium

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Some may say that building an aquarium in a skyscraper can be a bit extravagant.

However, humans have a greater need for contact with nature than we think, even if it is behind glass.

This beautiful two-story aquarium houses all kinds of fish, crustaceans, etc. Whales are also present, and it’s 100% entertainment.

This area is very busy after 3pm and can see a lot of traffic. This is the perfect retreat for your tower tenants.

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