Top 8 free VR games

BP Spiele is in the world today and for good reason. With today’s VR technology, the level of immersion is higher than it used to be.

In this article, we take a look at seven of the best free VR games that you can play right now. But using VR headsets and processing them, to deal with them, is already very difficult.

Entwickler: B4T Games | Platform: Dampf

This game gives you the same feeling as a good train, of course from the safety of your own vehicle. The graphics are simple and the whole simulation is physics-based. In addition, the light will allow you to see everything about yourself, which is important for general immersion.

You can buy Epic Roller Coaster here

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Entwickler: Epic Games | Platform: Epic Games Store

Robo Recall is a highly exciting and action-packed VR ego-shooter, developed specifically for Oculus Rift. You are an agent tasked with recalling rogue robots in the game. While exploring fairly realistic environments, you also unlock many other weapons and skills that make this game an absolute blast.

You can download the robot reminder here

Developer: The Break Room | Platform : Steam

Rec Room is essentially an online world where you can log in and enter rooms, millions of rooms. You can chat with other users, create things to share with the community or meet people. You can do whatever you want.

You can register your room here

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Entwickler: Ravens Ravens, Squonch Games | Plattform: Dampf

This game is much more interesting than it seems. We all know what accounting is, but it’s not so common in New South Florida to take tax work to another level. There is a newer version of Accounting + that is three times the size of the original game. However, it is not included in this list because it is not free.

You can download the statement here

Developer: VRChat Inc. | Platform : Steam

Like Rec Room, VRChat is a game you can do anything with. You can meet other players, chat with them, get food and even go to the movies. And when you’re done with that, you can play one of the many game modes the game is supposed to offer.

You can download VRChat here

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Developer: Prism Game Studios Ltd. | Platform : Steam

It’s a VR reboot of Valve’s famous Portal 2. The game is exclusive to the Vive and Valve and requires a copy of Portal 2 to run. There’s a new mini-story that includes 10 new puzzles designed specifically for the VR experience.

You can download Portal Stories: RV here

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Developer: Eagle Dynamics SA platform : Steam

It is a free digital combat simulation world with highly detailed and well-designed military vehicles, including tanks, ships and fighter jets, which you can enjoy in VR. Although the game itself is free and comes with many vehicles, you can always buy additional vehicles.

You can download DCS World Steam Edition here.

Developer: EA Platform | : PS4

As an introduction, we’re launching a VR mission from Star Wars: Battlefront. This is a free addition to the base game that puts the player in the middle of a space battle at the wheel of an X-Wing. Mission really pushes the boundaries of the PS4, resulting in some great visual effects.

You can download Star Wars : BP’s combat mission is here.

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