How to Hide a Story from Someone on Instagram

How to Hide a Story from Someone on Instagram – A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Hide a Story from Someone on Instagram: Do you feel the need to customize your privacy settings on Instagram? Are you looking for ways to share a story with only certain people or mute someone’s posts without having them know? If so, this guide has all the answers.

Here we will teach you how to use various tools available in terms of setting up and managing who can access what content when it comes down to Instagram’s privacy features.

With tips ranging from understanding methods such as hiding stories from other users while still maintaining their friendship connection, utilizing private Close Friends feature channels exclusively designed for Stories -you’ll gain control over whatever contents are shared with whom. No exceptions! So let us go through these steps together if wanting to regain possession back towards those sharing rights may be necessary.

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How to Hide a Story from Someone on Instagram

How to Hide a Story from Someone on Instagram

Instagram provides various privacy features to keep control over who sees your stories. Whether you’re on an iOS or Android device, hiding Instagram Stories from certain people is simple with the story settings feature. Here we will go through the steps for using it correctly in order to hide content in the app while ensuring specific users can’t access it anymore.

First off, when utilizing this tool on Android devices, accessing and adjusting story settings requires just a few taps. Select which ones you want hidden then confirm your choices via that same platform’s application specifically tailored for those purposes.

1. Accessing Story Settings

To reach story settings for Instagram, open the app and tap your profile icon located in the lower right corner. Press on the three-line menu at the top-right and select “Settings” to proceed. Thereafter choose “Privacy” with a heading of ‘Interactions’, that will show you Story options which can be customized by selecting who is able to view them.

An alternative way into these configuration possibilities involves accessing the user’s profile and then tapping their dot menu symbol found towards the upper right side as well. This opens up access through the Settings panel after following the previously given steps described above for story purposes directly from within the Instagram application itself.

2. Selecting Users to Hide Story From

When you enter your story settings, the next step is to select hide story for users that want to see it hidden. To do this, just tap on “Hide Story From” on the same page and a list of followers will appear where you can search or look through one by one.

Then click the checkbox beside any particular user’s name when hiding stories from them. Meaning they cannot access these yet still be able to view posts or profiles without being unfollowed, blocked nor restricted.

This feature allows owners complete control over which individuals are granted permission with their private content, but staying away from interfering too much with other people.’

3. Confirming and Saving Changes

Once you have chosen the users to whom you don’t want your Instagram stories visible, make sure to click ‘Done’ in the top right corner of the story settings page. This will save any changes and apply them for all future posts automatically.

Be mindful that hiding a post from someone affects only current or upcoming stories. If a live one has already been posted and must be hidden, it is necessary to delete it before posting again with adjusted settings.

4. Using Close Friends List for Private Stories

On Instagram, you can keep your stories private by using the Close Friends feature. This allows for a customizable list of followers to have exclusive access to particular posts. It’s only viewable and manageable from the user side- nobody else has visibility over who is included on this list.

To make use of this tool, we’ll review how it works in creating a designated group that will be able to see these special pieces of content exclusively intended for them, all while maintaining privacy on Instagram!

5. Creating a Close Friends List

To establish a list of people you consider close friends on Instagram, navigate to your profile and tap the three lines in the top right corner. Select “Close Friends” from that same menu and you will then be shown all of your followers.

You can look for specific users or scroll through until finding them – simply press the “Add” button next to their username – adding them as part of this exclusive group is quick & easy! It’s important to note, only YOU are able to see who belongs here.

Others won’t receive any notification about being included in said list. If at any point desired changes have been made by yourself, erasing someone off should take no longer than pressing ‘Remove’ near their username when needed!

6. Sharing Stories with Close Friends Only

Once you’ve made a selection of Close Friends, your stories can be seen exclusively by them. When posting something new with the tap story feature, select the “Close Friends” option at the bottom of the screen to ensure it will only appear for those who are on that list.

Your account’s narrative then becomes visible just to people included in that close circle – making sure what you share has an audience tailored specifically towards them.

Muting and Unmuting Other Users’ Stories

Sometimes, it may be necessary to mute a user’s Instagram stories or posts without having to unfollow, block, or restrict them. To help out with this issue, Instagram has provided an efficient feature that allows people to hide someone’s stories and even their posts while preserving the original relationship between both users.

In the following sections we will discuss how one can go about muting/unmuting other people’s Instagram stories on this social media platform.

Muting a User’s Story

Instagram has a great feature that enables you to manage your feed by muting the stories of specific people. All you need is to tap and hold their profile picture on the Stories section at the top of your home screen, then select “Mute” from the menu presented with options for story posts or both. After confirming your selection, these same stories won’t appear again in Instagram’s homepage feed anymore.

Unmuting a User’s Story

If you want to start seeing someone’s story again, it is just as easy. On the home screen at the top, head over to Stories and find where all of those which have been muted are located. Tap their profile picture firmly for a menu to show up. Choose “Unmute” then confirm your decision, soon. They will appear on your feed once again!

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Finally, taking the necessary measures to keep your Instagram activity private is incredibly important. There are a variety of features that can be used on the platform which enable you to control who has access. For example, hiding stories from certain users or using Close Friends in order to create secret posts. It’s also possible by muting and unmuting other people’s contributions if desired.

As such, it’s vital to be proactive when safeguarding privacy while online, managing settings available through Instagram grants more personal security as well as creating an enjoyable experience for all those involved alike! So start exploring these options today so you get complete protection over what content gets seen on this social media site now!

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